Trump water 10-3

Congratulations to Donald Trump for learning about the existence of water purification tablets and Tang.

The president was in a church in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to hand out relief supplies to the victims of Hurricane Maria when someone showed him these exotic products that one can find in every camping supply store in America:

TRUMP: You put it in dirty water.

CHURCH WORKER: Yeah, and then you can drink it after 10 to 12 hours.

TRUMP: Would you do it?


TRUMP: Really?

Trump got a bemused look on his face then, as if the notorious germaphobe was disgusted by the thought of drinking once-dirty water treated with purification tablets. Or maybe he could not believe there is a product out there he has not thought to brand with his own name yet.

The church worker then handed Trump a package of orange powder.

TRUMP: What is that?

CHURCH WORKER: That's an orange powder. You mix it ... it's like orange-flavored.

TRUMP: Is this your company?

CHURCH WORKER: No, I'm part of the church.

Was Trump surprised to learn he was at a hurricane relief distribution center and not a product fair for doomsday preppers or aspiring astronauts? Maybe.

Watch the whole exchange in the video below.

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