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Thankfully, I don't get to watch much “Fox & Friends,” so I was a little bit surprised to see “F&F” co-host Abby Huntsman, daughter of President Donald Trump's Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, reading the headlines between chat segments.

They used to have a dedicated newsreader to handle those duties, but I think I understand why now.

“Straight” newsreaders at Fox jealously guard what reputations they can maintain for objectivity, while opinionators like Huntsman can just let the pigeons loose. I interviewed Abby Huntsman when she was the token conservative on MSNBC's “The Cycle” a few years back, and so it has been disheartening to check in on her from time to time, and watch her defend racist monuments to slavery.

That was the task at hand Friday morning, when Huntsman was called upon to adopt a tone of grievance at the decision to remove a statue of composer Stephen Foster with a slave at his knee. I was all ready to get angry at Huntsman for whining that now even “musicians” aren't safe from the PC police, when she went ahead and tried to say the word “banjo”:

Is it just me? Because I laugh every time I hear it. Pro tip, Abby: the problem isn't that the statue depicts a “musician” playing a “BAHN-jo,” it's because the man playing the bahhhnjo is the fictional slave from one of Foster's songs.

It's a shame to hear Abby Huntsman shilling for racist statues, especially given the way her father was attacked during the 2012 primary. I guess when you live and learn, you don't always learn the right things.

Watch Huntsman interview her dad in a sweet, sweet exclusive below.

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