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Sanders 10-11-16

While Republicans, the media, and even some Trumpworld figures despicably try to tar Democrats with the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a hard pass on the issue at Friday's White House daily briefing.

If you're wondering whether President Donald Trump's long history of misconduct with women, most notable his boast about serial sexual assault, had anything to do with Sanders's silence, perhaps it would be instructive to look back at how the allegedly God-fearing flack reacted to that revelation at the time.

Just days after the “Access Hollywood” tape was released, Sanders was interviewed by MSNBC's Craig Melvin, and after several minutes of happily flacking for Trump, was asked to explain how she could possibly represent such a reprehensible figure. Sanders called the comments “disgusting,” but claimed a repentant Trump had apologized, and that “Hillary Clinton has done far worse”:

Trump's “apology” was similar in character, minimizing what he had done, while turning the entire exercise into an excuse to attack Hillary Clinton, and not apologizing for the million other things he'd said and done.

Melvin was quick to point that out, which gave Sanders the opportunity to explain that calling racist Trump supporters “deplorable” was not only worse than bragging about sexually assaulting women, it was also the worst thing that anyone had ever said ever (bonus points to Melvin for his epic passive/aggressive burn right at the end):

Sarah, if you ever do get to meet God face to face, I'm pretty sure she'll tell you that lying about Benghazi is also worse than calling racists “deplorable.”

Clearly, Sanders is uncomfortable having to defend her defenses of Trump, which explains why she passed on delving into the Weinstein scandal on Friday. That's also why any decent White House reporter needs to press her on the moral outrage that is her “showing up for work” every day.

You can watch Trump's disgusting excuse for an apology below.

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