Watch Bumbling Trump Forget to Sign His Own Executive Order

| OCT 12, 2017 | 4:40 PM

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump held a ceremony at which he was to sign an executive order that will do little for health care at best and destroy health care markets at worst.

After delivering a familiar litany of lies about Obamacare, flanked by cackling minions, Trump once again showed his propensity to forget things that are literally right in front of his face.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Trump went around the room congratulating his minions and then thanked everyone as he tried to make his exit. Vice President Mike Pence had to remind him that he should actually sign something at his signing ceremony:

PENCE: Mr. President ... Mr. President, you have to sign it.

TRUMP: Oh! I'm only signing because it costs nothing!

The order, as we reported Wednesday, could completely destabilize insurance markets — if it manages to withstand legal challenges. Those facts were somewhat comically reflected in Sen. Rand Paul's opening remarks, during which he conceded that the plan might not work. This is the guy whose idea this was (emphasis added):

“President Trump is doing what I believe is the biggest free market reform of health care in a generation. This reform, if it works and goes as planned, will allow millions of people to get insurance across state lines at an inexpensive price.”

How comforting.

Watch the last time Trump forgot to sign his own executive order below.

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