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No one besides President Donald Trump would ever accuse the Trump family of possessing a surplus of brainpower or class, but Donald Trump Jr. may have set new marks in both categories with his ultra-stupid and uber-classless Halloween lesson on “socialism.”

On Halloween night, Junior decided it would be a good idea to post a picture of his daughter, Chloe, along with a message to all the freeloading takers out there:

The internet was quick to jump all over the soullessness and stupidity of the message, and suggest the million other human lessons that could be taught on such an occasion.

But aside from immortalizing his child in such a classless fashion, Trump's analogy fails to ask itself where Chloe got all that candy in the first place. Halloween is the ultimate expression of what people like Trump view as “handouts,” but what the rest of us view as “sharing.”

I can't wait for Trump's Christmas card, which will no doubt feature Chloe standing her ground against a red-suited intruder or bagging a red-nosed buck for the mantle.

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