RBG Gorsuch split 2

President Donald Trump may have managed to bestow a stolen U.S. Supreme Court seat on Justice Neil Gorsuch, but Trump can't save him from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Since Gorsuch joined the court, the Notorious RBG has been clowning him at every opportunity, and despite some wishful thinking from Trump, there's no end in sight.

During a recent appearance at an Equal Justice Works event, Ginsburg was asked how long she plans to stay on the court. Her response was heartening:

“I used to have an answer that worked for a lot of years. It was Justice Brandeis, when he was appointed, he was the same age as I was, 60. And he stayed for 23 years, so I expect to stay at least as long. Well, now I've passed Brandeis, I've passed Frankfurter ... My answer is as long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it.”

Even more heartening for the rest of us, if not for Trump and Gorsuch, was moderator Judge Ann Williams's closing remark as she gifted Ginsburg with a beaded plant:

“These are beaded flowers, hand-beaded flowers. You represent so much and you are a thing — a woman of beauty and strength and inspiration. We hope these will help inspire you on those days when you need inspiration. So that you will stay there forever.”

Yes, please!

Listen to Ginsburg shut Gorsuch down during arguments below.

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