Hillary Clinton Blasts Sexism and Media Trying to Silence Her

| NOV 2, 2017 | 8:55 PM
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Former Secretary of State and current president of Fox News's imagination Hillary Clinton gave an extensive interview to Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” on Wednesday.

One of the topics they covered was the chorus of voices that have been trying to silence Clinton or otherwise make her go away since the election, and especially since the publication of her book.

Clinton explained to Noah that the main reasons for the phenomenon were sexism and media guilt, as well as what she called a genuine concern for “new voices” in the Democratic Party:

"You know, some of it is just rank sexism. Let's just be honest about it. It is. I never heard anybody say that to Al Gore or John Kerry or John McCain or Mitt Romney. All the men who lost elections in the last 17, 18 years, so some of it is just that.

Some of it, I will say, is media guilt. You know, when they now have to face the way they covered this campaign and the fact that they didn't pay any attention to policies, which, you know, I thought would be important and spent a lot of time saying, 'OK, here's what we're gonna do on an infrastructure plan, here's what we're gonna do to improve the Affordable Care Act,' and everything I worked on. They were so totally entranced by the reality TV element of it and the entertainment value of it that, I'm told — and some members of the press have privately said to me — 'Look, they missed it.'

They missed it, they thought I was going to win, so they could beat up on me without consequence, and they didn't really stand up against a lot of the ridiculous lies and accusations against me.

So I think there's that. And then thirdly, I think there are people who are genuinely worried that, you know, we've got to make room for new voices, that's why I'm supporting candidates and causes I believe in."

Her analysis is pretty spot-on, although I don't know how “genuine” the concern for “new voices” is when the loudest one is from a 76-year-old who isn't even a Democrat. Maybe “new” isn't quite the right adjective.

Watch the full interview below.

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