Watch: Trump Petulantly Walked out of Interview Because Reporter's 'Demeanor Was Inaccurate'

| NOV 5, 2017 | 2:01 PM

Since becoming president, Donald Trump has familiarized the rest of America with his despotic and thin-skinned attitude toward the press, but he's been operating in this fashion for a very long time.

During one extraordinary 1990 CNN interview, Trump whined about something he called the interviewer's inaccurate demeanor, then unclipped his lapel microphone and stormed out of the interview because the reporter was a “very negative guy.”

The trouble started when CNN's Charles Feldman asked Trump about Trump's as-yet-unopened and eventually bankrupted Trump Taj Mahal casino.

Trump went into a now-familiar rant about the need to make journalists “pay a price” for coverage he doesn't like, and when pressed to explain, told Feldman that he didn't like his inaccurate demeanor. Trump could not name an actual inaccuracy, though, when Feldman asked him to:

When Feldman tried to get the interview back on track with questions he had already asked Trump about prior to the interview, Trump took off his mic, told Feldman he was a “negative guy,” and walked out of the interview:

Watch the full clip below, in which Trump also confesses that he has always been very thin-skinned.

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