The Story Behind the Guest Who Will Sit With Melania During SOTU Shows True American Grit

With President Donald Trump giving his first State of the Union to members of Congress on Tuesday night, it is tradition for the president’s guests to sit with the first lady. The stories behind the guests are truly inspiring, and this year is no exception.

One guest, U.S. Marine Cpl. Matthew Bradford, enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2006 and was later deployed to Iraq in 2007. During his deployment, Bradford stepped on an IED, which resulted in the loss of his legs and his eyesight.

Despite the serious injuries, Bradford underwent physical therapy and was able to re-enlist in the Marine Corps. This made him the first blind, double amputee to do so.

After retiring in 2012, he went on to earn his degree in media arts and studies at the University of Kentucky.

“My wife knew it was an ultimate goal of mine to attend the University of Kentucky,” he told WKYT. “I’ve got UK pretty much all over my body, from my prosthetic eye to my prosthetic legs.”

Bradford is proof the Marine Corps produces some of the most hard-charging service members.

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