‘Do You Think 42 Percent of Americans Are Racist?’: ‘The View’ Gets Heated After Host Claims the Wall Is a ‘Dog Whistle’

The ladies from “The View” got into a heated exchange about racism in the Republican Party after a conversation on Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) turned into an attack on President Donald Trump.

As IJR reported earlier, King was removed from his committee assignments and largely stripped of his power by Republican leadership after he was quoted saying he didn’t know how “white supremacist” became an offensive label.

While the hosts were pretty unified in commending Republicans for limiting King’s power and condemning the racist remarks, host Sunny Hostin managed to drag President Trump into the conversation and claimed that his desire to build a wall was a “dog whistle” to other racists.

“Republicans, now, with this, I think, could make such a significant statement [against racism] by forcing [King] to resign, but will Republicans now step up to the plate with Donald Trump because he has been using, I think, the border wall as this kind of dog whistle for racism.”

Hostin claimed that the immigration debate is not about the rule of law, but about not rather it’s about not letting “brown people in.”

Host Abby Huntsman didn’t take those comments sitting down. She fired back at Hostin for her claim that those who support the wall do so out of racial animus.


“Sunny, there’s 42 percent of this country that supports this wall. Are they all racists?” Huntsman asked.

Hostin responded, “That’s a good question. Is Donald Trump racist?”

“If you’re going to paint a broad stroke about a wall and that being racist, there’s a lot of people who want that wall built,” Huntsman said.

This back and forth prompted Meghan McCain to chime in and denounce blanket identity politics and shift the conversation back to King instead of tying it to Trump.

“When you broad stroke everyone — all black people think one thing, all Hispanic people think one thing, all Republicans think one thing — that’s how we got ourselves into this mess. I’m one of the people who would like to help pull ourselves out of it, so let’s focus on Steve King,” McCain said.

She also got one final jab in on Hostin before turning the topic back to King, saying, “Please don’t paint me, just because I’m for border security, that I am somehow racist.”

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