‘The View’ Mocks ‘President Grumpy Man-Baby’ Trump After Acosta’s WH Credentials Were Restored

The video went viral of the heated exchange between CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, President Donald Trump, and a White House intern.

As of Friday, a U.S. judge ordered the White House to return Acosta’s credentials — which were previously revoked — temporarily, as the case is pending.

The judge said there should be due process when the White House limits a journalist’s access.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Now, the ladies on “The View” are giving their thoughts on Acosta’s return to the White House — while also taking a swipe at Trump.

Co-host Joy Behar started out saying that the president purposefully picked on Acosta at the press conference because “he enjoys the fight.”

Ana Navarro, a guest co-host on the show, took aim at the president saying he “abused power” — then she called Trump an odd name.

“Man is President Grumpy Man-Baby going to be mad,” Navarro responded to how she thinks the president feels about Acosta receiving his hard pass back.

Then, they began to mock the president with facial expressions.

Whoopi Goldberg scrunched up her face angrily to try to mimic Trump — Navarro squinted her eyes while puckering her lips and pretended to use her phone, taking a jab at his tweeting habits.

Watch the video below:

“What was going through my mind was ‘Gee I hope this works out,'” Acosta said to reporters after he was given his credentials back. “And it worked out.”

Watch the video below:

As he entered back into the White House, Acosta was flooded with reporters and cameras following him.

Watch the video below:


As “The View” co-host Abby Huntsman previously pointed out in the wake of the Acosta controversy, she explained that Acosta “knew it would cause a problem and it would make a story.”

She added that a White House correspondent is “not supposed to be the story,” but rather, “they’re supposed to give information” to Americans.


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