‘Disgraceful’: ‘The View’s’ McCain Tears into 2020 Dems Wanting to Allow Convicted Felons to Vote

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) latest remark on wanting to allow convicted felons to vote while in prison has “The View” co-host Meghan McCain fired up.

During Monday night’s CNN town hall, the 2020 Democratic hopeful advocated for prisoners — including people like the Boston Marathon bomber who killed three people and injured 264 others in 2013 — to be allowed to vote, as IJR Red reported.

Later in the night, 2020 Democratic contender Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was also asked about her view in response to Sanders on allowing felons to vote in prison, to which she responded, “I think we should have that conversation.”

See Sanders’ comments below:

On Tuesday, the ladies of “The View” discussed if the remarks from the 2020 Democratic candidates went too far. McCain took a strong stance against allowing any such “terrorist” like the Boston Marathon bomber to vote, calling the idea “disgraceful.”

“It’s not hard to say people who commit acts of terror in this country should not only be punished but god forbid they should have any rights that any of us had,” McCain said. “[…] It is not hard to put lines between terrorists and people who commit low-level crimes.”

“It’s not hard to say the Boston terrorist was a psycho lunatic who is a threat not only to national security but shouldn’t be allowed the right to vote in any election,” she added.

When asking the other ladies if convicted felons should have the right to vote, co-host Whoopi Goldberg mentioned that if someone is let out of prison then they should be given another chance, which drew McCain to blast the Boston Marathon bomber who “killed people! He’s a terrorist! He’s a radicalized terrorist!”

Watch the segment below:

McCain also took to Twitter to show her distaste early Tuesday following the town hall.

“All Democrats have to do is not be crazy and this is bat shit insane and deeply offensive to the bombing victims,” she tweeted.

While Sanders was obvious in where he stood and Harris was unsure, 2020 Democrat contender Pete Buttigieg parted ways on the issue.

Buttigieg, appearing during Tuesday’s CNN town hall as well, answered to the question saying “no” he doesn’t believe convicted felons should have the right to vote while in prison.

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Hey Bernie: You think those on death row should be allowed to vote early (by absentee) since their time is limited? OR, will they be allowed to vote AFTER they’re dead like in California?


I think multiple convictions for multiple felonies vacates a person’s “right” to vote, especially while in prison. Perhaps the conversation should be about parolees but certainly not the currently incarcerated.

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