Theresa May Bashes New Tariffs as ‘Unjustified and Deeply Disappointing’

British Prime Minister Theresa May told President Donald Trump during a phone call on Monday that she saw his decision to place steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union (EU) as “unjustified and deeply disappointing.”

“The prime minister raised the U.S. decision to apply tariffs to EU steel and aluminum imports, which she said was unjustified and deeply disappointing,” a spokesperson from her office said, according to reports.

May also reminded the president that “the U.S., U.K. and EU are close national security allies” that “recognize the importance of the values of open and fair trade across the world.”

According to the prime minister’s office, both Trump and May agreed to discuss the tariffs further in Canada this weekend, where both will be attending the Group of Seven summit of world economic powers.

May’s comments follow Trump’s decision to impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum from the EU, Mexico, and Canada at the end of last month. When he first proposed the tariffs in March, Trump stated he would consider lifting them if a new deal was met on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Recently, the president has also slapped tariffs of 25 percent on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods and placed restrictions on Chinese investment in “industrially significant technology.”

A list of goods that the tariffs will affect will be released by June 15.

Trump is scheduled to meet with May in July when he travels to Great Britain, at which time the two leaders could negotiate regarding the tariffs.

“The fact that we took tariff action doesn’t mean that there cannot be negotiation,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told reporters just after the tariffs were announced.

“We look forward to continued negotiations with Canada and Mexico on one hand and with the European Commission on the other hand as there are other issues we need to get resolved,” he continued.

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