These 11 Reactions to People Opening Gifts This Christmas will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

For children, opening presents on Christmas morning is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

From the moment they realize Santa has finally come:

To finding the most desired gift of the season under the tree:

To opening a package that contains a new furry friend:

There is the pure joy that comes when a child gets exactly what they wished for:

And sometimes, even tears of happiness:

For some, the wrapping paper is just as — if not more — exciting than the gift itself:

But the excitement of opening gifts doesn’t diminish as one grows older:

In fact, the excitement can increase as the years go by:

Eventually, there comes a moment when you realize that giving is much better than receiving:

When watching your parents open their gifts becomes more fulfilling than opening your own:

And when you discover that the most special gifts, are not those that can be bought at a store — they are those that come from the heart:

Whatever Christmas presents mean for your family, may they bring you joy and happiness. Merry Christmas!

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