These 15 Photos Show How Seriously People Are Taking Hurricane Matthew

The eerie face of Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on the southeastern corner of the U.S.

The “Cat 4” storm is bigger than Katrina, which was ultimately a category 3 storm, and the storm surge that may come with Matthew is keeping people from treating this hurricane too cavalierly.

In fact, Governor Rick Scott has warned Floridians: “This storm will kill you.”

And it could be bigger than we know:

Even the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ is closing:

The president has declared a state of emergency:

And Florida Senator Marco Rubio penned a piece for Independent Journal Review urging his constituents in harm’s way to “get out now.”

Donald Trump has even issued a statement on the severity of the storm:

People are prepping their homes by tossing their outdoor furniture in the pool (don’t worry, he’s leaving):

Stores have been picked nearly clean:

And they’re closing up shop:

Gas stations have been wrapped up:

The sandbags have been filled:

And people are getting the heck out of ‘Dodge’:

Only one thing left to do:

What do you think?

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