This Guy Doing Wheelies Through Traffic Will Make You Forget All About Your Political Woes…

During a time in which political opinions are being thrown around left and right (no pun intended), it’s almost impossible to go anywhere where the topic of politics isn’t being brought up.

Whether it’s someone complaining about Trump, discussing the firing of FBI director James Comey or advocating for the American Health Care Act, the issues don’t seem to stop.

So while politics may continue to plague your day, this video of a motorcycle wheeling through traffic will almost surely take your mind off anything but this man’s safety.

The motorcyclist’s video got picked up on “Si or No?,” a segment on the ESPN show “Highly Questionable,” prompting the daredevil to give a shout out to his mom:

According to the “Highly Questionable” segment, the video took place in Florida.

How has this man not been injured or arrested?

What do you think?

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