If Someone Doesn’t Think They Need Safety Glasses, Show Them This

Note: This post contains graphic images that may disturb some readers.

Safety goggles and power tools should go hand in hand. The problem is, not everyone takes the time to put them on — they either think they don’t need them or they just forget about them.


For those in need of a reminder about the purpose of safety goggles, this man is ready to show how important they can be.

According to Country Living, Reddit user austaul shared a photo of a man who luckily had his safety goggles on at just the right time:


Austaul didn’t go into much detail about what exactly happened, but Reddit users were excited to share their thoughts.

Tr0user had a suggestion for the glasses that saved the man’s eye:

“Wherever this happened, they should preserve it as an artifact in a glass cabinet in the entrance.”

SkaveRat agreed and took it one step further:

“And send the glasses manufacturer a thank you card.”

MyOldNameSucked shared his own story:

“My brother ridiculed [me] for wearing eye protection while I chopped up a tree (and I felt multiple chunks hit the glasses). He got hit in the eye with a small piece of metal while using an angle grinder 2 days ago. Who’s the idiot now?”

Arcian thought he knew best, but he learned:

“I was weed-eating as a younger guy, and my dad was always about the eye-glasses. Now since I was obviously smarter than my dad I thought ‘pffft, who needs those?’ and not two minutes later the weed-eater tossed a rock at super speeds right at my face and hit me just below the eye. I put safety glasses on.”

Lasssilver posted a reminder that no one should feel as though they are above eye gear:

“Don’t be that person who’s too cool for safety gear. I’m actually impressed with peoples [sic] increased awareness and use of safety glasses, hearing protection, helmets and other gear even if NOT required. I mean, it’s there to protect you.. and something you usually can’t replace like an eye or brain.

Still, there’s always ‘that guy’ who doesn’t want to use any of it for [insert rather inane reason here]. As an M.D. they keep me in business, but I’d rather they didn’t. So remember kids, 15 seconds of putting on safety gear can save you a lifetime of injury. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. oh, damn cartoons.”

Not everyone is as lucky as this man was, even when they had safety goggles on:


We don’t know if this man had on safety goggles, but it looks like he should have gone with safety gloves, too:


The next time you work with power tools, think of the man who saved his eye by quickly slipping on some goggles and remember to make safety gear a priority.

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