Those ‘Trump Steaks’ The Donald Brags About? Anderson Cooper Just Grilled Him…

During a speech in Utah last week, Mitt Romney blasted Donald Trump over several of his failed business ventures, including Trump Steaks.

Earlier this week, in what looked more like a QVC infomercial than a campaign speech, The Donald trotted out Trump Water, Trump Wine and, yes, Trump Steaks — as part of an effort to refute Romney’s charges.

Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught up with The Donald and grilled him (pun intended) over those steaks.

Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot

While he insisted that the steaks were Trump Steaks, a meat supplier confirmed that they were, in fact, purchased locally.

He argued that the steaks were Trump steaks (lower-case “s” intended), because steak is a menu item at his hotels and clubs. Still with me?

Now, for the rest of the story:

As confirmed on the Sharper Image website, Trump Steaks were available for a short time – nine years ago — before being discontinued. Heres’ how a company spokesman put it:

“We literally sold almost no steaks. If we sold $50,000 of steaks grand total, I’d be surprised.”

Oh, I almost forgot. The name of that local supplier? Bush Brothers Provisional Company.

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