Tijuana Official Breaks Down the Eye-Popping Numbers on How Much the City Spends Per Day on the Caravan

Tijuana delegate Genaro Lopez Moreno is explaining the real impact the migrant caravan has had on the Mexican city.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the city official explained the issues with providing necessary living conditions for the caravan, claiming that it spends up to $40,000 a day.

“Things got out of hand because they kept growing and growing,” Moreno said. “This is a federal issue, this is not a municipal issue. But we’re carrying the financial load of keeping these people with medicine, food, shelter, blankets and whatever.”

Originally, the caravan was manageable with only a few hundred but quickly turned into thousands of people living in a tightly cramped space. The government split the facilities that the people were staying, but there are still many living in tents on the street.

“There’s a lot of trash because the 360 grew to 6,200, and that’s when it got out of hand,” Moreno said. “[…] We sent them over here, but it has to be voluntary […] so the ones who didn’t want to go are staying here. There’s like 1,500 people here, there’s 2,200 people there, and there’s 2,000 people that are not accounted for.”

Watch the video below:

When asked about what the people of Tijuana think, Moreno said it would be a much different welcome if they had arrived in a legal way.

“People from Tijuana are frustrated. If these people came here legally, if they went to our border and they started work visas, student visa, or tourist visa, there would be no problem,” Moreno said. “A lot of them do that, and they try to work up to the border.”

The city officials are also worried due to the little help they have received from the Mexican government.

“We’re worried. In Tijuana, we’re worried because they’re saying that, but they’re not helping us,” Moreno said.

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Dave N Johnston

I like it now that the Caravan is on their side of the border; gives Mexico a little taste of how American’s feel about illegals.

Roy Grammer

that’s exactly the point it would nice if you came to the usa legally


Simple solution just deport them

Madison Summers

It is interesting to hear about the impact the caravan has not only had on those who patrol the border, but also the town. $40,000 a day is a lot of money. The Tijuana Mayor also shared how the amount of money their city is putting into helping could affect the 1.7 million Tijuana residents. He said they lost about 129 million pesos ($6,323,064.00 USD) within those six hours the border was closed. (https://ijr.com/tijuana-mayor-funding-caravan-costing/)

Hector Espada

Soon enough they will be on the dole in the USA for life. The 12 children each momma spits out will be citizens. Democrat party will see to it.


One solution to solving the problem in very little time would be to load them on a plane and deport them back to their home country.





Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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