Tillerson Denies Claim He Tried to Undermine Trump

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied claims that he tried to undermine President Donald Trump during his time in the administration.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Tillerson said he never tried to undermine the president.

“During my service to our country as the Secretary of State, at no time did I, nor to my direct knowledge, did anyone else serving along with me, take any actions to undermine the President.”

Tillerson went on to say that Haley was often not present “in my many meetings and is not in a position to know what I may or may not have said to the president.”

On Sunday, former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addressed a portion of her new book where she claims she rejected efforts by Tillerson and former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to recruit her to work against Trump, as IJR has previously reported.

In case you missed it:

Kelly responded to Haley’s allegations arguing that he was trying to offer the president “the best and most open, legal and ethical staffing advice from across the [government] so he could make an informed decision.”

In an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday, Haley disputed Tillerson’s statement and said other members of the administration witnessed the duo’s efforts to thwart Trump:

“That’s so Rex. It is typical. I’m not going to fight over it. If you notice both he and Kelly, neither one denied sitting me down saying that. I was in multiple National Security Council meetings where we vetted multiple issues. Ask other people in the administration. Ask H.R. McMaster. He knows that it happened.”

Watch her comments below:

When asked if there were other members of the administration who tried to undermine Trump, Haley said she did not see anyone else try to undermine him.

Haley has previously said that individuals in the administration tried to undermine the president, but it wasn’t until Sunday that she publicly named people who allegedly worked against the president.

During a speech at the American Enterprise Institute last month, Haley said, “I served alongside colleagues who believed that the best thing to do for America was to undermine and obstruct the president.”