Tim Kaine Condemns Trump for ‘Using Language That Emboldens’ White Nationalism

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During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan that he believes white nationalism is on the rise and that President Donald Trump’s language is continuing to incite it.

When asked about Trump’s belief that white nationalism is not a rising threat, Kaine noted that “it is on the rise, and the president should call it out, but sadly, he’s not doing that.”

Watch the video below, via CBS News:

“We saw in the aftermath of the horrible attack in Charlottesville that he tried to say that the white supremacists, neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates there were just, you know good people,” he continued.

The senator continued by citing the targeted attacks on religious communities and immigrants.

“But when you see church shootings in Charleston, a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, you see this hate-filled manifesto of the shooter in New Zealand who is murdering Muslims, we have to confront the fact that there’s a rise in white supremacy, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim attitudes,” Kaine said.

“The president uses language often that’s very similar to language used by these bigots and racists, and if he’s not going to call it out, then other leaders have to do more to call it out, and I certainly will,” he added.

Brennan then asked Kaine why white nationalism is rising, referencing how Trump dismissed white nationalism as “not really” a threat but rather a small group of people with very serious problems.

“Well, they have problems, but I think the president’s using language that emboldens them,” Kaine said of the white nationalists. “He’s not creating them, they’re out there.”

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Now anti-Semitism is the vogue among the Dims. It’s one of the oldest combination racist/religionist bigotries. But I guess that recycling it is not only “green” but also returning to their roots.

What’s next? Unlawfully interning citizens? Oh wait, FDR already did that when he wasn’t trying to pack the Supreme Court with his stooges.


Consider as well the thoughts of someone who gradually finds him/herself targeted for persecution through the MSM and Leftist culture. How would YOU feel if one party’s agenda was persecuting you for being white or male?

The big lie in their propaganda is that the NZ shooter was a self-declared socialist, eco-warrior/eco-terrorist. Many of the current heads of white supremacist movements are literally socialists.


Willful ignorance and duplicity on the part of a Dim.
People didn’t wake up in Nov. 2016 and decide “I’m going to be a white supremacist.” Well, maybe I did. *g*

He ignores earlier white supremacy movements like the KKK (Dimocrat all), the National Socialists, or Maggie Sanger (who targeted “breeding” blacks, Catholics, non-WASPs) in her speeches before the KKK.


Sure. And Obozo endorsed and encouraged groups like BLM, Antifa, and people assassinating law-enforcement officers. Oh wait. That’s true.


Who? Isn’t he the head of a fast-food chain?

Phyllis Softa

Louie, this is hardly news. For years people have been saying that Trump emboldens White Supremacists. The White Supremacist have no worries, Trump’s language has not changed and it will not BEFORE Nov 3, 2020.





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