Tim Scott Calls out Democrats Who ‘Cried Wolf’ on Racism From Trump, Other Republicans

Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) called out Democrats “overusing” the accusation of racism where he deems it isn’t true.

Throughout President Donald Trump’s time in office, he has been continuously accused of racism. The accusations have been wide-ranging. He was accused of being racist after he told Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s so-called “squad” to “go back” and fix other countries. In more extreme examples, Trump has been blamed for the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas after the white supremacist gunman opened fire.

Though there have been many controversies surrounding the president, Scott explained why he doesn’t believe the president is racist.

During an interview on Fox News, Scott said, “There is no doubt that President Trump is not a racist in the facts are very simple.”

He pointed to Trump’s work lowering unemployment rates in the African American community, his efforts to reform the criminal justice system, and his efforts to build “Opportunity Zones” in disadvantaged neighborhoods as examples of the efforts the president has made to improve the lives of all Americans.

Scott claimed Democrats are only pushing a narrative that Trump is racist because they are fearful of the president being reelected.

Watch Scott’s defense of Trump:

What you do smell — not hear, but smell, is fear. You smell fear on the left. They have been consistently using the race card every single time there’s a presidential run. You’ll hear ‘John McCain, racist. Mitt Romney, racist. Ronald Reagan, racist. George Bush, racist. W, racist.’ Why do they continue to find that narrative? Because they understand the lowest common denominator in politics is fear and division. President Trump has been able to deliver policies that have promoted, encouraged and inspired growth in the African-American community economically in a way that no president has done in the last 40 years. This president is not a racist.”

Scott claimed that Democrats have “cried wolf” too many times on racial issues. He warned it could hurt their claims when real incidents of racism take place.

“The more you use the concept of racism, the more we grow ‘ism’ fatigue in this country and that is a terrible place for us to be,” said Scott. “The greatest threat by overusing racism is that when there is an actual challenge, you’ve cried wolf in the wilderness one time too many.”

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Most people realize that being branded “racist” by the Dims/Left is a badge of honor. It means they regard you as a threat or defy their will. THEY think it’s a weapon of shame, but they’ve run it into the ground and are too stupid to come up with real counter-arguments. Thinking is too much like real work for them.


Thank you Rep. Scott. The Left will no doubt pillory you like they did Rev. Owens because they cannot abide a free-thinking black man who will NOT play with the narrative. Hmm. That sounds racist.


Need more strong, independently minded Senators like Mr. Scott.

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