Dems Continue to Battle Claims of Anti-Semitism After Resurfaced Article Shows Tlaib Wrote for Farrakhan

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Democrats are on their second anti-Semitism scandal of the past 24 hours. The latest scandal involves Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and an op-ed she reportedly wrote for anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam publication in 2006.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, Tlaib wrote an op-ed about immigration in The Final Call, Farrakhan’s publication.

In the 2006 op-ed, Tlaib argued that deportations should not occur if the undocumented person is only picked up for a petty crime.

Tlaib wrote:

It is so clear that the conservatives in Congress will only settle for a bill that allows the unequal treatment of immigrants, allow them to be shoved around the system with no way to plead their case for relief. Many civil and human rights advocates are calling this cruel and unusual punishment. As we enter another stage in the immigration debate, it is important that Congress leaders address the lack of due process safeguards and the lack of protections for families and their rights.

The arguments Tlaib made in the article are not the problem. Her comments are pretty tame compared to the press conference she participated in last week in which calls were made to defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and end deportations altogether.

The problem is Farrakhan.

There is no interpreting anti-Semitism in Farrakhan’s language. It’s blatant and has been clear for decades. He has called Jews “termites” and thought Adolf Hitler was “a very great man.”

Many found it problematic that Tlaib wrote for Farrakhan’s publication. Several took to Twitter to call for an explanation:

The news about Tlaib broke just as Democrats were attempting damage control for a tweet posted by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in which she claimed that support for the state of Israel is only about money, a claim that has been touted by anti-Semites in the past.

As IJR reported earlier, several Democrats condemned Omar’s comments and called for the congresswoman to meet with Jewish people to get a better understanding of why the comments are dangerous.

It isn’t yet clear what blowback Tlaib will face from her side of the aisle for her 2006 article.

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I wonder if the Jewish members of Congress, particularly those in leadership on the Dim side, have comments on Tlaib, Omar, or AOC’s embrace of anti-Semitism. Nadler? Schumer? Schiff?

Some have condemned Tlaib, but what are they doing about it?





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