Tlaib Faces Criticisms After Reports Show She Paid Herself $17,500 Using Campaign Funds After the Election

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Freshman Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) may be in a bit of trouble after Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that the congresswoman used campaign funds to pay herself a total $17,500 in salary after the 2018 midterm election was called, the Washington Examiner reported Saturday.

FEC filings showed that the Michigan congresswoman paid herself twice after the conclusion of the 2018 general election, appearing to violate FEC rules, according to Fox News.

According to the filings, Tlaib paid herself a total of $17,500 in two separate instances using campaign funds after the campaign had concluded. The first payment of $2,000 came on November 16 — over a full week after the election had been called — and the second payment of $15,500 occurred on December 1, nearly a full month after the general election.

The FEC states that candidates can receive a salary up “until the date when the candidate is no longer considered a candidate for office or until the date of the general election or general election runoff.” The 2018 midterm general elections in which Tlaib won her seat happened on November 6, ten days before the initial payment.

“Salary payments may continue until the date when the candidate is no longer considered a candidate for office or until the date of the general election or general election runoff. For special elections, payments may continue from the date that the special election is set until the date of the special election.”

An FEC spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that candidates may only pay themselves after the election for activities that occurred up to election day.

Tlaib made headlines recently after Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) claimed she had accused him of being a racist by bringing Trump administration staffer Lynne Patton as a “prop” during Michael Cohen’s contentious House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday.

At the time, he said it was “racist to suggest that [he] ask [Patton] to come in here for that reason.” Tlaib and Meadows were seen hugging it out on the House floor the day after the hearing.

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Phyllis Softa

Apparently we will need to wait for the indictment to see if what she used the money for is as brow raising as Duncan Hunter’s pet rabbit, Hawaiian shirt, or family trip to Italy.

Phyllis Softa

Houston, Meadows CLAIMED Talib called him a racist. She reread her exact comment and it clearly states the ACT of using an African American woman as a prop was racist. She apologized to Meadows for his mishearing her statement. C-Span has the hearing on tape if you missed it.
THANK YOU for mentioning the hug. I took it as a sign of CIVILITY while some on the far right & far left were angered by it. Says a lot about where we are today when folks oppose civility.


For Rocky, who’s too lazy to use this thing called Google:

“Rashida Tlaib was awarded a Leadership in Government fellowship from the Open Society Foundations in the fall of 2016,” Jonathan Kaplan, Soros’s spokesperson, told the Free Beacon at the time.

Soros Open Society Foundations also filed, as required, tax forms disclosing all monies paid to entities which they fund or run. It’s on page 97 of a 321-page form. She received grants for several years totaling the figure I gave.


It’s OK everybody!! Really! It’s OK! Calm down. The Muslim principle of Taqiyya says it’s OK to lie or cheat to infidels if it benefits the cause of Islam. After all, the ratio of infidels to Muslims in congress is 2/433. Cut the foul mouthed b!tch prop (her reference to black women) some slack!

Robert Wayne

Ignorant zealots given enough rope, will often hang themselves. We see that happening with the three freshman muskateers that the Dems elected


Undone by greed. Apparently the $443,000 paid to her by Soros Open Society Foundation from 2016-17 wasn’t enough.

One wonders what consequences she’ll face from the House Ethics Committee. She’ll probably get a stern talk, q.v. AOC’s two ethics violations, and get to stay on all her committees. Nice to know some people are usually above the law.





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