‘Today’ Hosts Are Losing Their Minds Over Megyn Kelly Landing Top Spot on Celebrated Morning Show

When news broke that Megyn Kelly will be taking over a portion of the “Today” show, it apparently became known to long-time stars of the show at roughly the same time.

Kelly, who hosted a successful, nightly news show on Fox News called the “Kelly File,” jumped ship to NBC after being offered several million-dollar contracts from multiple major networks. She’ll begin fulfilling various roles for NBC in May, one of which is said to be an hour-long segment of NBC’s highly-rated morning show, “Today.”

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After Page Six reported that the show’s 9 a.m. hour was on the chopping block in order to make room for Kelly, it’s now revealing the responses of “Today” show fixtures like Al Roker and Savannah Gunthrie.

Although it’s unclear whether Kelly is set to replace Tamron Hall and Al Roker during the 9 a.m. time slot, or Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford at 10 a.m., every host on set is allegedly on edge about their job security.

Page Six quoted an “insider” from the show who explained why the panic has set in:

“If she takes over Hoda and Kathie Lee’s 10 a.m. hour, they will move to 9 a.m. The talent on ‘Today’ has been left in the dark, and no one knows why there’s such disruption when the show is doing so well.”

Hall, who co-hosts the 9 a.m. slot, could potentially leave the show altogether next month when her contract is allegedly up.

But it’s also been rumored that Kelly is in the running to overtake America’s sweetheart Savannah Guthrie’s role as a lead anchor. The source said:

“Savannah is upset. She’s not convinced that Megyn doesn’t want her job. She was told about them hiring her 30 minutes before they made the announcement.”

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And the hard feelings aren’t just coming from Guthrie. In fact, most everyone is upset by the changes Kelly coming on-board is causing:

“People are pissed. The third hour was beating every syndicated show across the board. [The NBC News chiefs] bit off more than they can chew when they hired Megyn.”

Just hours before the news, Roker tweeted a congratulatory message to his 9 a.m. producers for earning the number-one spot seven weeks in a row:

The source also told Page Six that Roker’s spot ending up on the chopping block came out of left field, considering his excellent standing with the show:

“Al has been slighted after all these years and proving himself on this hour. He was hopeful NBC would do the right thing.”

On top of the show’s hosts feeling less than cordial about Kelly’s possible overtake, its fans have had an even stronger reaction to the changes:


Many viewers vow to make the switch to one of “Today’s” biggest competitors:

While some just begged the network to leave their favorite program alone:

A lot of people predict the show’s ratings will completely “tank” if those changes are made:

And some viewers think altering “Today” for any reason would be insane, especially to make room for Kelly:

Although it’s not yet known exactly what changes will take effect throughout the NBC morning line-up, it’s clear that Kelly is going to be a huge player for the network, and it’s prepared to move anything and anyone out of her way to make sure the host is satisfied.

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Meanwhile, at Fox News, Tucker Carlson has nearly doubled the departed Megyn Kelly’s ratings in primetime.

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