Toddler Sneaks Under Fence Around Pond. When Dad Finds Him He Sees a “Blue, Dead Baby.” Then…

Matthew Cunningham said it “defies any logic.” His son was dead, now he is alive.

As KBOI reports, tragedy struck when, while doing yard work around the house, Cunningham and his wife Elsa lost track of their 22-month-old son, Matty.


When they found him, he was face down in the neighbor’s pond. They believe he may have followed a dog and snuck under the barbed wired fence that surrounded the pond. Cunningham feared he had lost his son:

“He was dead. He was blue and dead.”

After rescuing the unresponsive toddler from the water and performing CPR, the Cunninghams called 911.

Then, they prayed. Elsa recalled:

“When I’m doing compressions, my children were on their knees praying and begging God for a miracle.”

When paramedics arrived, Matty was rushed to a nearby hospital. He was alive, but his vital signs were dropping. Elsa knew the outlook did not appear to be positive— she said she could “tell by [the doctors’] faces.”

“They painted the story of a dead child.”

Nevertheless, she and her husband continued to believe.

Matty was eventually transferred to another hospital so that doctors could run an MRI and determine the extent of the toddler’s brain damage. Fearing the worst but hoping for the best, they were given what Matt called the “[best news] a parent could want to hear”: the results were normal.


Matt told KBOI that from that point on, Matty’s condition improved at a rapid pace:

“Within a matter of hours, he was acting like himself. He was acting like Matty. He was perfect.”

Just days after his near-death experience, Matty was able to return home. Overcome with emotion, the family “fell to their knees and thanked God.”

Matty’s survival, Matt said, is nothing short of a miracle.

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