‘Not Acceptable’: House Republican Campaign Chair Blasts the ‘Send Her Back’ Chant at Trump’s Rally

The chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) blasted the controversial “send her back” chant that took place at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally on Wednesday.

While speaking to journalists at a breakfast put on by the Christian Science Monitor, Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said that there was “no place” for the chant from the crowd at the president’s re-election rally in Greenville, North Carolina, and that he did not “agree” with it.

The chant came in reference to Emmer’s fellow Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who became a naturalized U.S. citizen after seeking refuge in America from her home country of Somalia.

“I didn’t watch the rally last night, but there’s no place for that kind of talk,” said Emmer. “I don’t agree with it.”

The Minnesota Republican was later asked if he believed the chant to be racist, to which he responded that it was “not acceptable” and called the controversy surrounding the president’s recent tweets seemingly aimed at Omar and the other members of her squad “manufactured.”

Emmer went on to say that there was “not a racist bone” in Trump’s “body” and that what he was trying to say was that those who “don’t appreciate this country” do not “have to be here,” and that it had “nothing to do” with a person’s “race,” “family history,” or “gender.”

“There’s not a racist bone in this president’s body. What he was trying to say, he said wrong. What he was trying to say is that if you don’t appreciate this country, you don’t have to be here. That goes for every one of us. That has nothing to do with your race, your gender, your family history. It has to do with respecting and loving your country.”

Emmer heads the campaign arm of the House Republicans as its chairman and plays a critical role in GOP House election efforts across the country.

Trump told White House reporters on Thursday he was “not happy” with the chants. “I disagree with it,” he said.


  1. This is simply ludicrous! What is POTUS supposed to do? He can’t control people from what they’re chanting or saying. We’re not in the business of mind control like the Libs who indoctrinate most of our universities. The word “illegal immigrant” is mentioned and they all start spewing the same garbage almost verbatim about white nationalism and racism. These GOP congressman and officials are just scared to be hit by the left wing media; that’s why they react this way. So, Trump is supposed to control all speech and reactions of his supporters, but, an Antifa member tries to bomb an ICE facility while spewing AOC’s concentration camp garbage & the media says nothing about it. We certainly have a “double standard” here of the utmost degree.

  2. While Emmer may deny it, this is a REAL sentiment from the voters. It may be impracticable, but he’s wrong to deny it, which may also reveal his own dismissal of those same voters.

    Think about it. Trump won by harnessing the anger and resentment from the Obozo years and fears of continuation under Hillary. He’s an idiot NOT to use this AND he’s also a GOPe* for dismissing those voters.

    *GOPe = GOP establishment. The same sell-out losers like McCain, Flake, Amash, etc.

  3. Do we care that he does not agree with the chanting? Because you attend a rally for a candidate does not give the Chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee any authority to agree with or disagree with a spontaneous chant by those attending. His opinion does not negate our right to free speech.

  4. Let’s recall that Omar is still under investigation for both immigration and tax fraud. Marrying one’s brother rarely ends well.She lied to immigration, falsified her taxes, and now denies supporting terrorism, anti-Semitism, or holding the US in contempt.

    There’s a Muslim principle called “takiyya”, i.e. lying to non-believers. I suppose that makes those who believe her dhimmis.

    1. After a quick search, takiya is only for instances where you lie to avoid persecution and death.

      When I was younger and still a practicing Christian, there was the Columbine shooting where a girl was killed when she stepped forward as a Christian. I clearly remember our priest coming in to our religous class Wednesday night to talk about the shooting, that scenario specifically, and telling us that God will understand if we deny our beliefs to avoid being murdered – that he would love us either way. I was eleven. Good times right?

      Anyways, my point is the religion isn’t heinous because it supports allowing members to lie to avoid death or mistreatment. Its accepted practice even for Christians. I saw a few sites that supported your definition of it – but they were biased to an almost hilarious extreme. Got a non biased source to back up your definition?

      Anyways, respond in a separate post or pm me because i won’t be able to see your reply to this post.

  5. He didn’t watch it so he really has no firs hand information. Just what someone else told him. With all due respect he shouldn’t be commenting.

  6. Man up and get a back bone you spineless RINO. We the people, real Americans who love this country and the things it stands for are sick and tired of people who came here from a crap hole country talking trash and disrespecting the American people and this country. Send her back and anyone else who wasn’t born here or shut up and work hard, make a life and quit trying to milk the system and rip taxpayers off.

    1. don’t matter where they were born, if you are never happy here you are free to leave here… she just has someplace to go because she immigrated she will be accepted where she came from. People born here will need to follow their destination’s immigration policy. (or be expelled)

    2. I so agree, they come here and then fly their Mexico flag. They are a disgrace to our patriotic immigrants and to the American people. I am tired of everyone wanting to change America when they come form horrible countries. Why do they come here if they hate us and want to change us.

  7. He’s fine to express his opinion, and let’s not forget that those in attendance at the rally are free to express their opinions as well.

  8. Tell this man he works for US not the other way around. This woman hates America and has no place in our congress!

  9. Omar says she loves this country, probably more than we do, but criticizing everything about our country is no way of showing gratitude. She “learned all the right answers” to get to stay in this country and to win an election, but NOW her true agenda is becoming clear. Emmer is an idiot if he still supports her. She should be in prison for immigration and election fraud.

  10. More DC stupidity.
    The Republikant chair: “Elections? We need to keep the people from screwing up the results.”

  11. If you don’t agree with what their idealism is and they can’t shove it down your throat then you are a racist a hater ect because you think on your own it is their fault not Trump

  12. Well tell the squad that when people have been listening to anti sentiment remarks from the squad and hated statements people are angry listening to if you have a black face but don’t want to be black brown muslin or gay you are not wanted here the remarks we should let people go at the boarder they are Nazi camps the guards are Nazi the people don’t know what they want pushing for socialism yeah the people don’t want them

  13. I dont like her at all. But chanting to “send back” a legal immigrant because of her political views is hardly American either.

  14. It was chanted because of her ideology and hateful speech toward the country who took her in and allowed her to be elected as a representative of her district. I personally think she is a disgrace and embarrassment to the country that took her in. If she thinks about this country like she states, I think she needs to go back to Somalia. This was not chanted because of her color but her comments about the country. Its called freedom of speech, why should these people lose theirs and she retain hers?

  15. As far as I’m concerned Mr. Tom Emmer can just go back with her. When the Dems start denouncing their Antifa thugs who are beating people up seemingly without consequence, then perhaps we can start curbing our insensitive remarks.

  16. I wish they hadn’t chanted it either. That’s not the American way. Like it or not, she’s a naturalized American and in America we operate under rule of law. Unless her coming here were fraudulent, she’s entitled to stay. That does not mean I think highly of her. No, she’s an ingrate, ignorant and unappreciative of this country.

  17. President Trump is a breath of fresh air in this nation of swamp people, tired of the people in Washington who tell Americanss like how I’m supposed to vote and how I’m supposed to act and talk , well no more, I will be silent no more! This political correctness must be stamped out of our country!!!

  18. I just want to post that I am not the only one using my handle “Paul.” May I have some way of disassociating me from that other poster?

  19. I think this is still a free Country and if I want too chant send them back it is still within my rights. If anyone in this Great Country is not happy hear they always have the option of leaving. It seems any democrat can say what ever they want. But when you try too give it back that’s a big problem. They can call our President a MOTHERF***** and that’s acceptable! I say bullshit. In my opinion our President is being too polite. I say LOVE it or leave it with no in between’s.

  20. Just because some Congress person says something is wrong, doesn’t mean we all agree. If people don’t like our freedoms and American way of life, they should find another country they are happy with. We DO NOT want to be a socialistic democracy!!

    1. I don’t think there is a socialist democracy, I think it is a polite word for communist. I agree with you.

    1. Apparently the only people who have a right to free speech are leftists. Many Americans are fed up with people on the left defiling our country, history, culture and traditions and then calling the rest of us racists when we deign to disagree. Mr. Emmer needs to get a clue, like the rest of the spineless, looser RINOs who ALWAYS sell us out in the media. Mr. Trump should continue to fight back and the rest of the Republican party should come out from under their desks and help him fight the left!!!

  21. 1st Amendment still part of the Constitution?

  22. The congressmen needs to shut up we didn’t elect him at a national level as we did Trump. We already know what kind of those types get elected from Minnesota, don’t we.

  23. When Trump said these women need to go back to where they came from, he never said where. Why is everyone assuming he is implying a country overseas? If they came from a state that is failing, with diseased and health issues, high crime rates, terrible racial issues, low income areas that are being neglected, and businesses that are closing, and economy that is crashing because of their own state policies and lousy leadership, then they need to perk up and listen to what he is saying. In essence he is telling them to go back and fix their own problems before offering advice to others because right now their advice has no merit.

    1. Robyn, I just love when people post satiric posts, especially when they expect to take them seriously. You have a future as a newspaper humor columnist. Best of wishes.

    2. Robyn, I just love when posters choose satire as their way of expressing their ideas. You are so great! I wish you the best in your writing endeavors. Perhaps Stephen Colbert might be able to use you. Do it to it, LADY!!!

  24. WHY do you blast the people at the gathering? The people are starting to wake up and realize just how despicable that these people are and just how they are trying to destroy our country.

    1. Thank you for describing Trump. One of the few people waking up. Bless You!

  25. Exactly these gangsters do not have to be here. So I will say it -go back to where you came from.

  26. Most people understand what president Trump really meant. It’s probably what a lot of people think but doesn’t have the opportunity or platform to say so. More than likely, most of the people chanting got caught up in the moment. But, I’m sure it felt good to say it. I’m just saying…

  27. Yes, and his type are part of the PROBLEM. The silent majority are tired of being silent, and they are tired of the constant America bashing by these extreme Leftists. If Mr. Emmer isn’t going to help, he needs to keep his mouth shut and let US fix the problem. Weak, spineless Republicans are part of what got us to this point.

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