Former ICE Director Slams Democrats for Pushing ‘False Narrative’ About Trump’s Immigration Policies

The former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) slammed the Democrats for pushing a “false narrative” regarding President Donald Trump‘s immigration policies.

During an interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” former acting ICE Director Tom Homan praised the president’s tough stance toward the immigration situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that Trump deserves “credit” for the progress he has made on the border crisis and that he believes the “threat of tariffs” has “worked so far.”

Homan continued on to say that he thinks the president “will use every tool in his toolbox” to address the border crisis and that the U.S. needed to watch Mexico to ensure it “lives up to the promises.”

The former acting ICE director was then asked for his reaction to a recent Fox News poll that showed that half of American voters believed that the president’s immigration policy enforcement has “gone too far.”

Homan responded by saying that the 50 percent of voters who believe that way are “misinformed” before he bashed the Democrats and “most of the media” as pushing a “false narrative” regarding the situation down south.

“That 50 percent is misinformed,” Homan said. “Look, the false narrative being pushed by the Democrats and most of the media is that the Trump policies are ‘inhumane’ and so forth.”

Watch the video here:


He went on to point out that “nine out of 10” of ICE arrests from 2018 “were either a convicted criminal” or had “pending criminal charges” before saying that the American people needed to be “educated” on the “facts” around Trump’s immigration policies to combat the “false narrative” by the Democrats.

Homan has weighed in on the crisis at the border before.

As IJR Red previously reported, Homan said in an interview with “Fox & Friends First” last week that he “hop[ed]” to see Mexico follow through with its recent border deal with Trump, saying that “actions speak louder than words.”

Under the deal, the Mexican government agreed to send 6,000 troops to its own southern border to help curb the flow of illegal immigrants coming through the country. The president called off the tariffs he had threatened against Mexico after its government agreed to the deal.

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Ben Carson
Ben Carson

Yeah sure — ICE says 9/10 of their arrests are criminals or suspects in crimes—a little less than 3/4 with criminal convictions and about 1/3 with pending charges. Pew research center has the details: But riddle me this. If the 1/6 drug possession convictions and 1/6 drunk driving offenses and the 1/6 “pending criminal charges” (mostly traffic offenses) are all legitimate charges—those add up to more than 1/2 the total—(the phrase “trumped up” comes to mind) … then why are almost all of the remaining charges “conviction for illegal border crossing”? Notice too that not even 1% are for violent… Read more »


So what about the 50 percent who think he is RIGHT ON TARGET with immigration policy? Half the country is tired of the problems that illegal immigration causes! So if the other HALF is misinformed, then it is likely MORE than half are tired of the situation and want our Congress to act instead of spending money on Bogus Conspiracy and Obstruction theories.
Get To Work!


Mexico sent troops to their southern border? What good does that do against all of the ones that are already at their northern border? We don’t need Mexico preventing people from entering Mexico, we need them to put their troops on OUR border to prevent them from LEAVING MEXICO to the US!!!!


It seems to me that House democrats oppose everything that the President is for, no matter how positive it is for America. Is this what we expect from elected officials? I don’t think so. Their only interest should be the the defense and well being of American citizens! Democrats agenda seems to embrace socialism that will give them total control of American citizens. We have seen the results of socialism time and again? Please do not take the “Apple”.

william jackson

D-RATs lie about everything. Never seen a group of more worthless maggots than the D-RAT party. I may be wrong about that, on second thought, The Fake News Leftstream Media may give the D-RATs a run for the “Worst” prize.

Gavin Newsom

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