Homan Pushes Back on ‘False Narratives’ Regarding Trump Admin’s New Immigration Rule

Former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan pushed back on the “false narratives” surrounding the Trump administration’s new immigration rule.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Homan blasted the leaders of the  Democratic Party as promoting “open-borders policy” and said that there were “false narratives” that have been pushed regarding President Donald Trump‘s new immigration rule.

He claimed that migrants would not face “indefinite detention” while awaiting adjudication and that it really would be “less than two months.”

“It is open-borders policy from the Democratic leadership. There’s three false narratives. There’s not indefinite detention. We’ve done this before. It takes about 40-45 days to see a judge. So, it’s not indefinite. We’re looking at less than two months.”

Watch the video here:

Homan went on to say that the families apprehended while attempting to cross the border illegally would not be held in standard ICE detention facilities but would rather be detained in “ICE residential facilities,” which are aimed to specifically house “families.”

“And secondly, some are saying it’s terrible detention conditions. They’re not going to be detained in Border Patrol facilities that weren’t designed for families,” continued the former acting ICE director. “They’re going to be detained in ICE residential facilities, facilities that we built specifically for families.”

As IJR Red previously reported, the new rule, “Flores Final Rule,” would allow for immigration officials to hold migrant families indefinitely while they are being processed and prevent minors from being separated from their families.

“Today, the government has issued a critical rule that will permit the Department of Homeland Security to appropriately hold families together and improve the integrity of the immigration system,” said acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan in a press release.


  1. WHY are these Illegal Alien Invaders being “DETAINED” at all? They have crossed into our sovereign Nation ILLEGALLY. They are thus CRIMINALS and should either be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY or put in PRISON; not fancy housing units to live better than in their sh**hole Countries.

    WHY does the US Government keep pandering to these CRIMINALS? DEPORT THEM ALL – – now.

  2. Doesn’t matter what Trump does—right/wrong/indifferent—-D-RATs are howling at the moon, screaming impeachment. D-RATs are very predictable—–insanity is a constant theme.

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