‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’: Former ICE Director Hopes Mexico Follows Through on Border Deal

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The retired director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said that he hopes that Mexico will follow through with the new border deal with the U.S.

While appearing on “Fox & Friends First” Monday morning, former ICE Director Tom Homan was pressed on whether or not he thought Mexico would “follow through” on their new deal with the U.S. to address the crisis taking place at the border between the two nations.

Under the new deal, Mexico will deploy 6,000 more troops to the border as well as hold migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. in the country until their hearings.

Homan said that he “hop[ed]” that Mexico would stay true to their word and that he “think[s]” they will, but he will be “convinced when they actually do it.”

“Actions speak louder than words,” said the former ICE director. “They’ve committed to doing things in the past. They’ve done it for a short period of time, not sustained.”

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He continued to call for Mexico to keep good on their word that “they committed to in writing” by having a “sustained operation” instead of a “dog and pony show” that only lasts for “a week or two weeks.”

Homan then praised President Donald Trump for the “historic agreement,” saying that the president deserved “a lot of credit” for the deal as it has “eluded every other president.”

“He’s done a lot to try to secure this border,” said Homan. “So we ought to applaud his efforts on this and this is great that he has a written agreement with Mexico.”

The former ICE director added that “the president will impose tariffs very quickly” should Mexico falter on the agreement.

On Friday, Trump called off the tariffs on Mexico in light of the new deal signed with the U.S. southern neighbor, as IJR News previously reported.

According to the president, Mexico agreed to “reduce, or eliminate” illegal immigration from their nation following three days of negotiation in Washington. The deal did not include a provision sought by the U.S. that would make Mexico a “safe third country” that would compel them to hold most asylum seekers from Central America permanently.

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