Former ICE Director Thinks Trump Nailed It by Tapping CBP Commissioner McAleenan as Acting DHS Sec

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan applauded President Donald Trump’s decision to replace outgoing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen with Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan during two appearances on Fox News.

Homan joined the network on Sunday night following the announcement that Nielsen would be stepping down from her role and praised Trump for tapping McAleenan to fill in, saying on Sunday‘s “Fox Report”:

“He knows border issues, and he can hit the ground running. He knows the border. […] He will start day one. […] He will think outside the box. Kevin will put his foot on the gas.”

On Monday morning, he joined Fox News’ Sandra Smith during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom” and continued to explain how Trump made the right move.

“He’s a really smart guy. He has great relationships with the government in Mexico. He has been working steadily on getting them to cooperate more,” he said of McAleenan. “Kevin’s been the tip of the spear on the wall construction.”

Watch below:

When asked what McAleenan can do as head of DHS that Nielsen wasn’t able to accomplish, Homan pointed to his decades of experience working in border security.

“Kirstjen Nielsen was very talented, but she didn’t come up through the ranks,” he put it bluntly. “Kevin is within the ranks. I think Kevin can do operationally what he’s done in the lower ranks. I think he can certainly step up enforcement on the border.”

Homan’s comments on McAleenan come after it was announced Sunday evening that Nielsen would be resigning from her role as DHS secretary. Trump, along with several congressional Republicans, thanked Nielsen for her service to our nation and announced her replacement.

In her resignation letter, Nielsen thanked DHS law enforcement officers for their dedicated work and slammed Congress for failing to act on border security amid an immigration crisis that the president has declared a national emergency, as IJR Red pointed out.

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