Tomi Lahren Says Watching Migrants Get Tear-Gassed Was the ‘Highlight’ of Her Thanksgiving

The migrant caravan that has been slowly slinking north from South America finally arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border this weekend, and the migrants’ introduction to the United States wasn’t exactly warm. Video of their arrival showed them trying to get through a wall before U.S. officials fired tear gas at the crowd, which included more than a few women and children.

Here’s a video of that interaction:

For most people, it was pretty tough to watch these migrants getting tear-gassed, but others, including Fox News’ Tomi Lahren, actually enjoyed the spectacle.

In a tweet responding to liberal activist and actress Alyssa Milano, Lahren wrote that watching the confrontation was the “HIGHLIGHT of my Thanksgiving weekend.”

The idea that Lahren enjoyed watching migrants being pushed back from the border more than eating with her family or being home with friends or any of the other actual enjoyable parts of Thanksgiving is rather telling.

Lahren is now a frequent guest on the Fox programs hosted by Jesse Watters and Sean Hannity. Of course, her gimmick is the same as it’s always been — she’s outraged by something that some liberal said or suggested and she can’t wait to tell Fox’s viewers about it so they, too, can be outraged.

During the weeks before the midterm elections, we heard about the migrant caravan nonstop. The president was tweeting about it, and Fox News spent 33 hours talking about the caravan prior to November 6. On November 8, the network spent just over four minutes discussing the caravan.

The notion that the caravan was aiming to arrive before the election in time to vote for Democrats turned out to be just another conspiracy theory that folded.

Some conservatives — including Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is always searching for a Fox News camera — also pushed the conspiracy theory that George Soros was funding the caravan. Trump, being the Fox News addict that he is, later picked up on that nonsensical and anti-Semitic lie and suggested to reporters that he thinks there might be some truth to it.

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  1. I would like to believe this isn’t true, that it is ‘fake news’ — but everything I have ever seen regarding this young woman makes me realize it is true. She is an absolutely despicable example of a human.

  2. LOL! Looks like Tomi just outdid the President when it comes to trolling liberals! Are your heads exploading yet, libtards? ????✅

    1. Good to know you believe in terrorizing children. Hope you don’t have any of your own…

      1. That’s what you call a “Strawman”. But you libtards are famous for being dramatic. Hopefully you’re infertile so you didn’t create any kids yourself, missy.

  3. She is such a disgusting person, but she is kept around for the shock factor of what she says – and she knows it. She’s the Ann Coulter of my generation.

    1. Agree, she only makes headlines when she says shocking things like this.

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