Tomi Lahren Suing Glenn Beck and TheBlaze for Wrongful Termination

The Dallas News is reporting that conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren has filed a suit against her old boss, Glenn Beck, and the media outlet she used to work for, TheBlaze.

Lahren’s show on TheBlaze was first suspended, then fully canceled, following an appearance on “The View” where she revealed she was pro-choice and called conservatives hypocrites, which seemed to represent a flip-flop for her.

According to Lahren’s suit, Beck apparently wanted to keep compensating her to “find an exit strategy to sanitize their unlawful conduct” regarding her termination due to her comments. It also states that the controversy surrounding her remarks was all an effort to “inflate” Beck’s profile due to his own “mediocre following.”

Additionally, the suit claims she was told to be silent on social media while her coworkers placed an “X” on her dressing room door.

Another item in dispute is her Facebook page, which has 4.2 million followers. Lahren is stating that it is not property of TheBlaze.

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