14 Badass Military Reenlistment Ceremonies

There are many reasons why service members join the military, but the reasons for reenlisting tend to be deeper after years of being tested and molded by a love-hate relationship with wearing the nation’s uniform.

Reenlisting means that your initial terms of service in the military are over and you voluntarily choose to serve more.  The standard reenlistment ceremony looks like this:

A commissioned officer administers the oath of reenlistment to a soldier. Image credit: U.S. Air Force/ Airman 1st Class Josh Harbin

For many Americans, the freedom to choose where to work and for whom is an expected right.

But for some, the reality of literally putting your life on the line and signing a contract that could send you to jail for not showing up for duty is a special calling, basically guaranteeing that service members will come up with creative and badass ways to celebrate the continuation of that commitment.

These are some of the most badass moments of service members deciding to make a career of their public service. Good luck trying to show your commitment to your job in better ways than these.

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