Trevor Noah Speaks Out on Alabama Shooting: ‘The Second Amendment Is Not Intended for Black People’

Trevor Noah took a break from his more comedic brand of political commentary on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show” to speak candidly about the police shooting of a black Army veteran in Alabama on Thanksgiving.

Emantic Bradford Jr. was shot and killed by police officers at a mall in Hoover, Alabama. Officers initially said that Bradford Jr. was the suspect in a shooting that occurred in the mall, but now they say he was simply holding a firearm when officers arrived.

The killing has caused outrage across the nation. By all accounts, Bradford — a U.S. Army veteran and lawful gun owner — embodied the mythical “good guy with a gun” so often discussed by gun rights advocates.

Noah spoke candidly about the shooting on his show and offered a stark conclusion: “The Second Amendment is not intended for black people.”

The host noted that, even if police officers truly did believe Bradford Jr. was the shooter, a number of white men who have carried out mass shootings were apprehended alive.

“Like the shooting that happened in Aurora,” Noah said. “The Batman movie — guy went in with an arsenal, I mean he didn’t just have one gun — the police talked him down, they didn’t kill him.”

Noah highlighted similar circumstances surrounding the 2015 Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, where the perpetrator was captured alive after killing nine people. In other shootings committed by white men, Noah pointed out how they often take their own lives.

Watch the video below:

“And there were so many things that bugged me about this story because, by the looks of it, it sounds like this guy was a good guy with a gun,” Noah said.

Noah compared Bradford Jr. to the stereotypical “good guy with a gun” touted by groups like the National Rifle Association. “But then if the good guy with a gun happens to be a black good guy with a gun, they don’t get any of the benefits,” he said.

The host reached a conclusion that has been echoed by many since the police shooting death of Philando Castile, and the subsequent silence from the nation’s largest gun-rights organization.

“At this point, you start to realize that really the Second Amendment is not intended for black people,” he said. “It’s an uncomfortable thing to say, but it’s the truth.”

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