Trey Gowdy Points Out Issues With McCabe and Schiff’s Russia Claims: ‘I’ve Never Heard It Followed Up’

During an interview with Fox News, former congressman Trey Gowdy spoke out against accusations made by Andrew McCabe and Representative Adam Schiff.

Host Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy why McCabe would make the claim that a group of eight lawmakers were briefed about the FBI opening up an investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties with Russia.

“The reason he’s doing it this way is that Devin and Paul are not allowed to discuss anything that is said in a Gang of Eight meeting, and McCabe knows that. So he can level the accusation and Paul and Devin cannot refute him,” said Gowdy.


According to McCabe the Gang of Eight knew about the investigation and had no issues. However, Gowdy is suspicious over the silence of key Republican members of the group, saying he won’t believe McCabe’s story until they confirm it.

“I listened to Devin and Paul quiz the DOJ and the FBI for hours on multiple occasions about the one counterintelligence investigation we all knew about it. I find it stunning that they would know about a second one and not say a single, solitary word. And I will continue to not believe they knew about it unless one or the other contradicts it.”

Gowdy also hit back at Schiff’s claims, saying that he has never been properly questioned.

“Collusion is a synonym for conspiracy,” said Gowdy. “I have heard Adam on a number of occasions say that he is the third eye raven, has evidence and seen things nobody else has ever seen before. But I’ve never heard him asked ‘What is it? What is the evidence of crime that you have, Chairman Schiff?’ I’ve never heard it followed up on.”

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Phyllis Softa

Has FOX News checked back with Trey after Sen Cornyn, who was part of Senate leadership at the time, confirmed it?





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