‘You’ll Never See Me on the Ballot Again’: Trey Gowdy Explains How Division Drove Him Out of Politics

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) announced that he would not be seeking re-election last year, but during his exit interview with Fox News, Gowdy said he’ll never be in politics again.

Gowdy became a household name for his expert questioning of witnesses ranging from disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok to former FBI Director James Comey.

He was relentless in his questioning, earning the respect of many Americans who wanted to see the truth come out about scandals like those that Hillary Clinton faced for her missing emails.

Although Gowdy had a lot of supporters that would have liked to see him remain in the House, the division and partisanship of today’s political atmosphere made the job intolerable.

In his conversation with Martha MacCallum, he explained how the “human nature” of the politicians at the Capitol drove him out.

Watch the video below:

“The fundamental flaw [in politics] is that compromise has an incredibly small constituency, and we have bought into the notion that you can make transformative change with 51 percent of your fellow citizens. Democracy is supposed to be tough. I mean, it’s supposed to be tough, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be dysfunctional. When I mentioned human nature, I would like to see us apply the same rules to our friends as we do to our enemies. If we were really curious about this administration doing something, we should be equally curious when our own administration does it. And when winning becomes the ultimate objective, then you become relativists, and I just don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing that.”

Gowdy told MacCallum he was done with elected office.

“You will never see me on the ballot again,” he said.

After he leaves his office at the end of the year, Gowdy plans to return to practicing law. He also has plans to work with his fellow South Carolinian, Sen. Tim Scott, on a few books. The two also co-taught a class at Clemson University.

Gowdy did admit that, although he won’t be seeking office, he will return to the campaign trail if his colleagues, like Scott, want his help.

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Phyllis Softa

Trey ran for office in 2010 when EVERY House Republican voted against stimulus for the WORST recession since the Depression! Stimulus doesn’t work, they said. Or 2 years after he heard Mitch McConnell state that his top priority was to make Obama a 1 term POTUS. 7 Benghazi investigations disproved the conspiracies but his committee was going to prove them so?? WHO goes to Congress in Jan, 2011 and not know what the “human nature” of politicians was?

Patty Larkin

One of the few good men in Currupt DC where the DNC is by far and away the Greatest Organized Crime Syndication in history…and Arab AmeriCON Man Enemy Obama the most successful Serial Lying FRAUD and Con Man since another Arab Fraudster in illiterrate Barbarian War Lord Mohammad was also able to convince the dumbest of the dumb he was something other than a liar like Obama…

Kay Singletary

So sorry to see him leave. Wish he could be attorney general. But can understand hi,s disappointment and disgust

Daearl Kelly

I really hate to see Mr. Gowdy go. I would rather see bim in a more prominent roll in politics or in the white house as POTUS. I think with his integrity he would make a great POTUS

Paul Barnhill

…and…he’s out. So? “Expert questioning?” Let me ask you this: for all his “investigating” and “questioning” and “re-investigating” and talking, and talking, and talking,,,, did anyone ever get indicted? No. Did anyone ever stand trial? No. Did anyone ever go to jail? No. So, what did all this “investigating” and “questioning” (and all the taxpayer money spent on these investigations) get us? Nothing. Not. One. Damned. Thing. He’s an empty suit, with some hair gel on top.


Sad to see him go. The reasons he gave for getting out are heartbreaking. What does it say about America when the good guys give up because the system is flawed?

Judy Ekstam

It is the America people who lose when you leave very sad!

Kevin Bryant

Thank you Mr Goody for your honest service you will be missed





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