Trey Gowdy Was ‘Thrilled’ to See the IRS Chief – Right Before Smoking His Comically Unbelievable BS

This was over before it started. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen was outmatched from beginning to end by House Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy at Wednesday’s hearing.

At question was whether former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails have indeed been destroyed – as previously claimed by Koskinen himself.

As Koskinen choked on Gowdy’s exhaust, the South Carolina lawyer put the pedal to the medal  – slamming the commissioner for whining about “low IRS morale.”

It was like the IRS chief was on a ten-speed bike, while Gowdy was lapping him in a Dodge Viper. Nobody makes a lying bureaucrat squirm like Gowdy.

What do you think?

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