Truck Driver Thought His Cat Companion Was Gone for Good—But Boy, Was He Surprised 400 Miles Later

Image Credit: Paul Roberttson/Facebook 

Being a professional truck driver for a living can understandably become quite lonely at times. That’s just one reason why Paul Robertson loves his travel companion, his cat Percy.

Posted by Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson on Friday, February 24, 2017

But, when the Minnesota native pulled into a rest stop in Ohio to sleep, Percy jumped out of the truck. Robertson searched for his feline road buddy for as long as he could but was under a delivery deadline.

Heartbroken, Robertson had to leave his beloved cat behind in Ohio.

I've had to leave without him. I feel like the worst cat dad ever.

Posted by Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson on Saturday, February 25, 2017

He then drove 200 miles in snow and rain, over puddles, potholes, and dirt roads to complete a delivery at a factory. Afterwards, he immediately hopped back on the road for another 200 miles, on what he described as even worse road conditions, all through the bitter cold.

But, when he disconnected his trailer in Indiana, and drove his tractor to a nearby shed, he noticed a figure emerging from underneath the truck.

Through 400 miles of rain, snow, dirt roads, potholes, and freezing temperatures, Percy had been clinging to the undercarriage of Robertson’s 18-wheeler for dear life.

Robertson described their reunion on his Facebook:

“I scooped him up and we were soon back together in the truck, cuddling and hugging and purring and happy as can be. He’s now sitting in the driver’s seat, probably warm for the first time in 40 hours, belly full, snoozing peacefully. Although he reeks like an old tire I haven’t the heart to bathe him right now. Let the poor guy rest.”

At the vet.

Posted by Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson on Thursday, March 2, 2017

He told the Associated Press:

“It was a lovefest.”

Robertson also took to his Facebook page to thank everyone who encouraged him not to give up:

CALL OFF THE SEARCH!!! PERCY IS OKAY!!! 🙂 <3After I drove nearly 200 miles today in the snow and rain and crappy old…

Posted by Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson on Saturday, February 25, 2017

His post reads, in part:

“Those of you who said ‘He probably hasn’t gone far’ were definitely right. Those of you who said he’d come back home, you were right too! Last night when I was searching with Marc in the rain he was probably snug under the truck the whole time!!

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to all of you for the outpouring of love and concern for this little pussycat. I love thinking that he has so many aunties and uncles who care for him. And also, I hope everyone who pitched in to help in any way they could, whether it was offering moral support or to go and set out traps or help search … I hope you’re all fantastically proud of yourselves.”

Although Percy may never want to see the road again, it’s clear nothing — not even 400 miles — is going to keep this dedicated feline from his beloved “cat dad.”

Posted by Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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