Truck with Pro-Trump Stickers Spray-Painted with ‘F**k Trump,’ Set on Fire — Owner Calls It Targeted Attack

Screenshot/Fox News

A man living in Vancouver, Washington, had his truck spray-painted and torched because of pro-Trump bumper stickers.

Johnny Mackay left his truck overnight at a bar after taking an Uber home. However, when he went to retrieve it the next morning, it was destroyed.

“It took me by surprise,” Mackay said to USA Today. “It blew me away.”

Yet when other witnesses said that they saw “f**k Trump” spray-painted on the side, Mackay realized that it was a targeted attack. He had two pro-Trump stickers on the back, saying “Trump 2020” and “Trump: Keep America Great.”


MacKay also spoke with “Fox & Friends,” saying that the people responsible have not been found, but that a targeted attack seems like the only option.

“That’s the only thing I can think of,” said MacKay. “I only had four other stickers on there. One was an NRA sticker, one was my Army decal, one was an Igloo sticker and I can’t remember what the other one was.”


While the Washington native did not vote for Trump in the last election, he supports the president now and plans to vote in 2020. Mackay does not believe that people should vandalize other’s property because of a difference in views.

“People just need to relax, the world is not gonna stop turning because somebody is in office that you don’t like,” said Mackay.

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  1. People who destroy other peoples party,if found should be punished and have to pay for the vehicle they destroyed, but as usual nothing will ever be done to bring these morons to justice. Hope the owner of vehicle finds out who they were so payback can be as Bitch!

  2. “Mackay does not believe that people should vandalize other’s property because of a difference in views.”

    It is hard to believe our country has sunk to such a level that a sentence like this would even need to be written.

  3. He drives his wife’s car to retrieve his truck the next morning.

    Why doesn’t he bring her along to drive one of the vehicles home?

    Its the “dog who didn’t bark” part 2. He knew it had been torched because he did it

    • Now are you making up facts? Nowhere in the story does it mention his wife or her car. Maybe you’re the one who torched his truck.

      • You are right. This author did not include the facts that are available from the local newspaper. It appears her research was watching Fox and Friends and pulling a quote from USA Today.

        “He drove his wife’s car to work Monday morning and swung by the bar, 1101 W. Fourth Plain Blvd., to check on his pickup before heading to Portland International Airport, where he works in maintenance.”
        The Columbian; Oct 9, 2018

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