Trump abandons plan to host 2020 G7 meeting at his Florida golf resort

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U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned plans late on Saturday to host next year’s Group of Seven summit at his Florida golf resort, after Democrats and others had decried the selection as evidence of the president misusing his office for personal gain.

In a series of tweets, Trump said he would drop the plan announced Thursday by White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to host the meeting at Trump National Doral golf resort near Miami from June 10 to 12. Trump cited what he termed “Crazed and Irrational Hostility” from Democrats and the news media in explaining the reversal. “We will begin the search for another site, including the possibility of Camp David, immediately,” he wrote.

The Republican president faces criticism and a number of congressional investigations over his finances and potential conflicts of interest stemming from his real estate business, which he still owns, and an impeachment inquiry into accusations that he pursued political interests in his dealings with Ukraine.

On Saturday, Trump sought in his unusual reversal to emphasize what he said were the resort’s positive features for hosting a large gathering. “I thought I was doing something very good for our Country,” he wrote on Twitter.

The U.S. constitution’s emoluments clause prohibits government officials from receiving salaries, fees or profits from foreign and domestic governments without congressional approval.

Watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said on Saturday the initial decision to award the event to a Trump property was “stunningly corrupt” but the “reversal shows that pressure works”.

“The president deserves no plaudits for doing the right thing only after public outcry forced him not to do the wrong thing,” it said.

Democrats have said they would investigate Trump’s plan to host the G7 at his property after he floated the idea in August. The decision also sparked criticism from a number of Republicans.

In a statement on Thursday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler called the announcement “among the most brazen examples yet of the president’s corruption.” Nadler said the committee would continue investigating “regarding these matters.”

The announcement prompted requests from Democrats for detailed records from the White House to explain why other 11 other sites were not chosen and how much taxpayers would pay.

In May, the Washington Post reported Doral’s operating income had fallen 69 percent since 2015, citing company documents that it reviewed.

Mulvaney had suggested on Thursday that Trump would not profit from use of the property because any charges would be “at cost.”

He also said using Doral “was millions of dollars cheaper” than other facilities and would lead to a “roughly 50% savings” – but the White House did not release any documents to explain that analysis.

Then President Barack Obama held the 2012 G8 summit at Camp David, which is in Maryland, about 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Washington.

Trump first floated the idea in August after attending the G7 in France. He has also hosted world leaders at some of his other properties, including at his Mar-a-Lago oceanfront club in Palm Beach, Florida.

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General Confusion

“While liberals’ hair was on fire” Cherl

You are confused, Cherl.

This statement of yours indicates that you fell for something because King Donald The Loser backed off after a weekend conference call in which REPUBLICANS told him that he would be breaking the law and that THEY could not support him doing it.

He doesn’t care what the Democrats think, but he still needs to keep whatever remains of his Republican support.


*Generally Confused* That was fun. You bought it and even replied. Maybe President Trump did and maybe he didn’t. I don’t need to justify anything nor did I fall for anything. I just have a vivid imagination and a hearty laugh at your expense.

General Confusion

“Anyone else think President Trump put this out there just for kicks!” Cherl

Um, no. This is just you trying to justify to yourself and confuse others what an out-of-control king does every day.

He was quite serious about it and got his incompetent minions to back him up publicly. And you fell for it.


Anyone else think President Trump put this out there just for kicks! He didn’t seem that invested in it and backed off quickly. While liberals’ hair was on fire they laid off the impeachment hoax. Just a thought.

General Confusion

“Why would you continue to disrespect the duly elected POTUS by calling him “King Donald the Loser.” Yet you call out others on their comments. Hypocrite.” Chrissy You are confused, Chrissy. King Donald The Loser does not deserve a lick of respect. He deserves ridicule. More seriously, not only is he a loser going bankrupt so many times, but he can’t even populate his cabinet with winners. Because he is a fascist, he only wants incompetent family and sycophants/yes-men around him. That hurts US and our country. This is not US winning. More seriously yet, he DOES want to be… Read more »

General Confusion

You are confused, Sherri.

PROFIT is not required to go up against the Constitution, for him to break the law. You should read the Constitution, some day.

General Confusion

“Now the taxpayers can pay double what it would have cost in Florida Mr. Anti-Trumper.” Tom Bodine

At least King Donald The Loser won’t be breaking our laws by using his presidency to line his own pockets nor defying the Constitution.

And what do YOU care about how much it costs? What a stupid argument. You never complained about it before AND the majority of costs are covered by the other countries. It’s not as if the US pays for everyone else. SMH


Because dems are haters. This would have been NO PROFIT to his club. But the rush to hate Trump has just cost we taxpayers more. Thanks dems, for absolutely NOTHING!





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