Donald Trump Accused of Visiting Ireland Solely to Promote His Golf Course in the Country

Donald Trump
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Many people believe President Donald Trump‘s visit to the Emerald Isle is largely an elaborate plot to promote, or at least draw attention to, his golf course in the country, as he stayed at his money-losing course in Doonbeg for two nights.

According to the Irish Times, the president tried to arrange his meeting with the Irish prime minister to take place at his golf course. As a counter-offer, the Irish government proposed the meeting take place at a historic castle. After that, Trump was reportedly favoring a visit to Scotland (where he also has golf courses).

But the Ireland trip went ahead. During his event with the Irish leader, an Irish reporter asked Trump if the trip is “just about promoting your golf club.” Trump denied that suggestion and said that he “really wanted to do this stop in Ireland.” The meeting took place at an airport.

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The president was asked why he is staying at his course in Doonbeg.

“We’re going to be staying at Doonbeg in Ireland because it’s convenient and it’s a great place. But it’s convenient,” he said, according to the Washington Post.

However, the Post notes that Doonbeg is hundreds of miles away from the locations he’s visiting, including Normandy in France. The course currently has two issues before the Irish authorities, one of which is a sea wall that they say they need to stop the erosion of the course.

Trump’s European tour has been full of confusing moments that can be difficult to figure out. For example, the president brought all of his adult children along with him to England, where they dined with the queen.

After his trip to the U.K., the president went to Ireland, where he was corrected by the prime minister of the island nation after wishing him good luck on his wall.

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Willie Horton

Amazing how Trump lives rent free in the heads of the libs, dems and Trump haters. They think about him 24/7. How screwed up they are.


I would be really curious to see how much tax payer money has gone to Trump golf courses or Trump hotels.

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