Trump Accuses Hillary of ‘Acid Washing’ Her Emails — Except That’s Something Rockstars Do to Their Jeans

President Donald Trump brought back one of his confusing phrases on Friday, taking a swipe at his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, for having “acid washed” her emails.

The president isn’t always the best with the words. At one time, he seemed to confuse “oranges” and “origins,” and there are ongoing lists across the internet of his seemingly countless misspellings on Twitter.

And after a few years, he won’t back down from one of his confusing terms — his accusation that Clinton “acid washed” her emails. He started using the term before the election and dropped “acid washed” during a debate.

It’s hard to figure out how somebody would “acid wash” emails since they don’t exist in any real place; maybe he’s suggesting that she dropped all her servers and computers in a bathtub full of acid. In late 2016, Slate tried to figure out what he was talking about but got nowhere.

But acid-washing is an actual thing — it’s the process that jeans go through to make them look worn.

Here’s an example of that:

Trump, as often happens when he trips over his words, became the butt of more than a few jokes online.

Probably the best quip came from Spin writer Maggie Serota, who joked that “the emails went on tour with White Snake.”

Some commenters were simply blunt about the fact that the president has his words mixed up.

Others hit on the joke more bluntly.

Trump’s return to attacking Clinton seems like it might be the beginning of a 2020 strategy.

Though the president obviously won’t be running against Clinton in 2020, he’s spent the last few years using every opportunity he can to remind us that he beat Clinton in 2016. And we can probably expect him to continue reminding us of that right until the next election.

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  1. When “articles” are written that are simply to mock they are not news, they are not journalism and they are trash. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows it’s BleachBit that was used and the media falls for Trump’s idioms EVERY SINGLE TIME! The only ones that think it makes Trump look stupid are those that hate Trump. Actually, it makes the writer of said “article” look petty.

  2. Exchange the words “acid washed” for “Bleach-bit” and Trump would be 100% correct. HRC also removed SIM cards from phones before handing them over to the FBI; smashed Blackberrys and computers to avoid any retrieval of information sent illegally.

    Latest count is that HRC is guilty of 110 felonies for the classified information found (by Comey and the FBI) she sent on her illegal server and 4 more recent Top Secret emails found which violate the Espionage Act. She is well past the time she should be serving Life without any chance of ever again seeing the light of day.

    [These do not include her previous 40+ years of criminal activities while following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.]

  3. Oh boy! What a non-story. I can’t wait for Biden the gaffer to get back on a roll.

  4. What would mainstream media have to write about if the President would choose his words in a brief and clearly expressed manner? Might we presume that his tweets are simply a malapropism?

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