Chris Cuomo: Trump Acting ‘Like He Was Cheated on’ Over Fox News Bernie Town Hall

CNN host Chris Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday for acting “like he was cheated on” after Fox News hosted a town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders repeatedly laid into this president last night in a Fox News town hall,” said Cuomo, recounting the senator’s town hall on Monday night. “Oddly, the president seemed offended this was even happening like he was being cheated on.”

The host then mocked Trump’s complaints when he said the town hall “audience was so smiley” as well as his criticism over their recent hiring of former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile.

Cuomo, alongside CNN host Don Lemon, went on to analyze the president’s use of “we” in referring to himself and Fox News collectively, pointing out how alarming it is that Trump seems to view the network as part of his administration.

“It shows you how he views the relationship, the cozy relationship, that he has with state-run television that we talk about all the time,” Lemon chimed in, arguing this behavior is to be expected of the president.

Lemon elaborated how Trump has made Fox News into an “echo chamber” by repeating what they say to appeal to his audience on the campaign trail.

Cuomo fired back, saying he was shocked how Trump “actually says ‘me and Fox’ like we’re the same thing.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

The hosts then praised Sen. Sanders for “actually speaking truth and facts” to the audience, comparing it to “the end of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude,'” the 1967 novel by Gabriel García Márquez.

Cuomo went on to attack the president’s unfounded claim that Trump supporters who were waiting outside were barred from entering the town hall, pointing out there’s no evidence to prove it.

Cuomo continued to compare Trump’s response to the emotions that happen when someone gets cheated on, calling him a “jilted lover” who expected complete loyalty.

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