Trump Admin Calls Off Plan to Unload Planeloads of Illegal Immigrants in FL After Pushback from DeSantis

President Donald Trump‘s administration is backing down from a plan to transfer illegal immigrants from Texas to Florida after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) rejected the idea as “not acceptable.”

The Trump administration called off plans “at this time” to send planeloads of immigrants to Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach counties from the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection told The Hill on Saturday.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Broward Mayor Mark Bogen had announced on Thursday that two planeloads of illegal immigrants — who had tried crossing illegally in El Paso, Texas — were expected to be flown to their counties with roughly 270 migrants arriving per week.

“I asked if there was an end date to this and they said no,” he said at the time.

Following the halt to the plans, Bradshaw told WPTV on Saturday, “Because of everybody’s efforts, we are able to stop what had appeared to be a crisis for our community.”

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The Republican governor had also pushed back on the U.S. Border Patrol‘s move but appeared hopeful that the admin wouldn’t follow through, saying on Friday, “Nothing’s concrete. There’s been no migrants brought, released, in Florida,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“We cannot accommodate in Florida just dumping unlawful migrants into our state,” DeSantis made it clear he opposed the idea. “I think it’ll tax our resources, schools and health care, law enforcement, state agencies.”

However, he blamed those in Congress for their inaction to cooperate in order to work on a solution to fix the border crisis.

“The disaster that we’re seeing at the border, that is a disaster created by the policies that were enacted by the Congress of the United States,” he said.

DeSantis laid down the bottom line on the idea of immigrants transported to his state:

“Bottom line is it doesn’t matter. South Florida, Central Florida, northeast Florida. [In] Florida, we have a lot of fish to fry in our own state with our own citizens. … And to just be on the hook for things that really are a result of the Congress’ failure, the failed policy of the federal government, that is not acceptable.”

While there won’t be any illegal immigrants transferred to Florida at the time, Border officials are flying hundreds of immigrants to San Diego from the Rio Grande Valley, as IJR News reported.

As IJR Red previously reported, the Florida lawmakers passed a bill on May 2 to ban sanctuary-city policies in the state. DeSantis noted his support for it, tweeting, “We are a stronger state when we protect our residents, foster safe communities and respect the work of law enforcement.”


  1. I have a novel idea….why not disburse all the Immigrants to all the Sanctuary cities…..????

  2. Good the end of unemployment in Florida, if allowed to work, but knowing trump, he will not allow that. The U.S. should start deporting American gang bangers criminals and drug addict, just a jester cant legally, that’s the real threat to U.S. national security, not hard working migrants with family values

    1. Friend, What don’t you understand about legal and illegal? anybody that wants to work can at this time.

    1. Send them California, they should be thankful, the more the merrier

  3. Following the halt to the plans, Bradshaw told WPTV on Saturday, “Because of everybody’s efforts, we are able to stop what had appeared to be a crisis for our community.”
    If only Congress would heed these words and stop this at the core, at the U.S./Mexican border where the true crisis exists.

    1. Congress will heed these words when illegals are dumped in their cities. They would feel the heat from citizens

  4. Add more computers to the processing stations so agents can interview a lot more people at a time. After processing, send them to Guantanamo until their disposition is resolved. This would take the social pressures off cities. Intelligently revise the immigration laws. We can no longer be the give-a-way country.

    1. Helen, I think it would be a good idea to let the Border Patrol work the border. Military/National Guard should be called in to handle ports of entry & the logistics needed for transporting illegals & caring for them while they are detained. We need more agents than that would make available, but it’s a good start while more agents are hired.


    2. they work lazy drug addict Americans, that’s why people like you hate them give a way my ass

  5. Drop them in Pelosi’s sanctuary city, and behind the wall around Pelosi’s fortress!

  6. I thought a judge said it is ok to ship them back to Mexico till their cases are heard.

  7. Sending illegals to sanctuary cities is not the answer. It’s wrong! We citizens are sick of being stuck with the bill. We are sick of overcrowded schools, resources being depleted and constant tax hikes. Democrats want illegals for one reason and are willing to overburden systems and destroy city’s and states for corrupt votes. Sending illegals to sanctuary cities is only going to hurt our country in the end. They are not running from some evil dictator and in desperate need of safety. Send them home!

    1. Ralph, I agree! Sending them back is the best option! But until dimms & RINO-CINOs get off their duffs & do their jobs, send them to sanctuary cities. Let the dimms have a taste of what they are doing to the rest of the USA.


    2. And yet, you keep voting for the dem governors and mayors who want sanctuary status

  8. Trump is being an asshole, giving ILLEGALS anything except a kick in the ass back across the boarder. I voted for Trump because he was the lesser of the evils AND because he promised to deport ALL illegals. He has not done one damned thing to rid us of illegals. The ONLY immigration plan this country needs is ZERO immigration. We are severely overpopulated.

    1. I agree Trump has made empty threats saying he is stopping all aid to central America and Mexico. I want the border Militarize now. I live on the border, Trump isn’t protecting us we are on our own

      1. John & Jule, Mr. T is doing all he can by himself. But he’s not like 0bamma doing legislation via executive order. Mr. T is staying in the legal framework of US law. Like Don said, this mess is on Congress, not Mr. T. Remember, Congress has been sitting on their hands in this regard long before Mr. T was elected. RINO-CINOs & Bush’s & 0bamma’s activist judges are also a big part of the problem.


      2. Mexico doesn’t get aid from the U.S. “dumb ass” never may that happen, you know were you can stick your aid

    2. Actually, he’s been trying to keep them in Mexico and south. It’s your Congress full of liberals and liberal judges that are causing this. Another judge just shot down another one of his ideas to keep them from coming up.

      1. What the U.S. is doing is illegal, you should be thankful, Mexico who is not under any obligation to keep asylum seekers in Mexico, you best learn about your own asylum laws, the criminal trump does not follow

    3. Don’t blame Trump. It’s Democrats and liberal courts blocking what he is trying to do

    4. “He has not one damned thing” with the immense help from the Democrats! And learn how to spell “border” !!!

  9. Pelosi, I’m sure, will welcome them to her home town with open arms

  10. DeSantis must understand these counties are still practicing sanctuary policies according to my Uncle that lives in Broward County. If these cities want sanctuary policies then why not dump Illegal immigrants there?

  11. This country will not be America in 10 yrs, there will not be anywhere safe to hide, we did not have to start arming ourselves until this immigration got out of hand and it’s only going to get worse

  12. Frigging democrats, they want open borders, but they object to taking any into their state? I’m confused.

  13. We have plenty of new arrivals in Miami. They have a a nasty attitude and assume we owe them. English is no longer spoken in most of Florida. They are like termites that come and destroy your house. When my parents arrived as political refugees, they were elderly, traumatized and extremely sad. The first thing they did was to enroll in English classes to become more fluent and eventually become American Citizens. In the 60’s you needed to speak English. There was no Medicaid or any government help. I was. working, not making much but they were my responsibility and took care of all their needs

  14. Drop them ALL off in California, let Jerry Brown deal with them since he has such a BIG heart where they are concerned!!

    1. Jerry Brown is done. But we now have governor Gavin Newsom who is just as bad or worse than brown.

    2. Well, it’s really Gov. Newsom now but, yes, ship them where they’re wanted.

    3. Please don’t! I live in CA and am a conservative that CAN’T STAND the disgusting way the politicians in CA handle illegal immigration (or don’t handle I should say) I’m sick of my taxes paying for people here illegally when we have our own citizens, veterans, homeless etc. in need. If I could move and leave California I DEFINITELY would!

    4. Jerry Brown is no longer governor. We now have the idiot Gavin Newson, or Jerry 2.0, in ‘charge’. He might be even more clueless and dangerous than Jerry. The people of California don’t want this, only the elected officials. And I never voted for anyone with a (D) after their name.

  15. Flying these illegal aliens to FL does not make a lot of sense. FL is not a sanctuary state and as demoncrap as Coward and Palm Beach counties are they are not sanctuary counties nor the cities thereof. Plus I believe I heard that FL has just passed legislation and Gov. DeSantis has signed it that declares that FL is NOT a sanctuary state.

    1. My Uncle lives in Broward. They still practice sanctuary policies. So yes I would say that county deserves the Illegal immigrants

  16. Puerto Rico. They speak the language and work cheap. Also, they just can’t easily disappear.

  17. God bless our governor. Let the sanctuary cities take them all. They said they would.

  18. They tried crossing the border illegally and they’re sending them to Florida instead of back to Mexico?? I’m not even going to try to understand that thought process. The governor is right in this case.

  19. What a damn hypocrite!? he fights the President on closing our borders- insists on maintaining his “sanctuary city” yet refuses to accept them into his state after his idiot party creates this dang chaos in the first place!?

  20. Thank you Governor DeSantis for standing up for all Floridians. The Trump administration needs to remember who elected Donald Trump to the office of The President of the United States. Don’t shit where you eat. We will remember. If we are to be treated like Democrat supporters goes who we’ll vote for in 2020?

  21. I hope Ron DeSantis keeps his foot down on this BSs
    Good on him!

  22. Since the Democrats refuse to make our immigration laws stronger and better and they want all of these illegals in our country. Each and everyone of them, we should send a bus load of these illegals and drop them in front of their homes and gates. I live on the Southern Border, we can’t handle all of these people where I live, neither do I want to support them financially in anyway. We have many homeless people where I live, many who are Veterans, my support is for American Citizens, not people who are violating our laws and crashing into our country for handouts!

  23. Send them all to Democratic-controlled states. They want them in so let they can take care of them.

  24. What the f!$$ do they think is happening to ariz and new Mexico financially! And our states aren’t near as big or rich as Florida and calf. Who want to make their states sanctuary states. That’s why they are coming but you bas!## don’t want them in your sanctuary states! F:##!$ you.

  25. Put them on the doorsteps of the Obama-appointed federal judges that are trying to block President Trump’s every effort to Make America Great Again. Thank God we elected Ron DeSantis and not the nasty, crooked, lying Democrat, Andrew Gillum.

    1. I am not a fan of Ron DeSantis but I am glad that you (all of FL) did not elect Andrew Gillum.

  26. I can’t believe Trump is doing this to Florida. There has to be more to it. Congress should have listened to him for the past two years. Now the US really does have a problem. Thank you Democrats! You don’t have a dam brain in your heads.

  27. Thank you Governor, We cannot afford and don’t want any illegals in our state.

  28. Good for you Govenor DeSantis…it is time that the states start say, “NO,” and mean it.

    1. I agree , first I would send them to live next to Nancy Pelosi, and then send them to the other Democrat Congressmen/women & Democrat Senators homes. Let them support and feed them! Let the Dems pay for all of their living expenses, health, education…but not on my taxdollars!

  29. Palm Beach Broward counties were sanctuary for illegals till state law was passed – thank god for that state law and our Governor – other wise Demonrat sanctuaries in Fl would be filling up with the desired illegals.

  30. I don’t know that it was planned this way, but it sure looks like another masterful Trump strategy.

  31. Good for DeSantis! If all states would do this, there would be no choice than to fly them back to their own countries. America cannot take care of its own citizens and must do something. Sending illegals back by the planeloads will send a message. Congress has failed America and needs to change immigration laws and allow illegals to be turned back at the border. Mexico should send those back from Centra America when they cross their border! Something must be done now.

  32. drop them off in the demon-rat states only, whether they have sancuary statis or not. they want them in, give them to those places then.

  33. Funny how people want illegals in this country, until they get placed on their doorsteps. Not wanted then. Give them to San francisco

    1. It is entirely predictable that illegal-alien “champions” will resist placing illegals in their neighborhoods. These people have no shame…and they will not admit to any hypocrisy. I wonder if they even see it.

    2. Heck yeah, Nan will take care of them. They may have to increase the budget for their Poop
      Patrol, though. It’s astounding that the third person in line for the presidency is Nancy Pelosi, who represents the (literally) shitiest city in the country!

    3. Send them all to Washington, D.C, and you might get a faster response.

      Let the confusion begin!

  34. DeSantis is right. Non of those illegal immigrants have a right to be in this country and the taxpayers there do not have to support them.
    I live in California where we have 2.5 million illegal immigrants who cost the taxpayers 25 billion every year in services. Democrats who run this state don’t care a fig for the legal residents.
    Put all those people on army transport planes and send them home.
    Congress is worthless. Trump is trying to solve this all by himself.

    1. then they all should vote them out, come next year.

      1. The problem is CA probably allows illegals to register to vote.

    2. The Army doesn’t have any transport planes. Put them on scummy, old cargo ships and send them back where they originated.

  35. Trump should send them to santuary cities as he originally proposed

  36. ““Bottom line is it doesn’t matter. South Florida, Central Florida, northeast Florida. [In] Florida, we have a lot of fish to fry in our own state with our own citizens. … And to just be on the hook for things that really are a result of the Congress’ failure, the failed policy of the federal government, that is not acceptable.””

    Showing clearly that the individual fails to understand that as a SANCTUARY city they have taken it upon themselves to “fry a lot fish” for the entire world not just their own citizens.

    While I will agree that CONGRESS has failed for decades to address immigration and stopping those illegally crossing our border that does not excuse refusal to comply with immigration laws.

    Besides where was this false attitude of US CITIZENS come first (false because they would not allow sanctuary cities for illegals if they believed it) when OBAMA was busing them all over the nation? Primarily to republican states where many of the NON CITIZEN foreign nationals mistakenly thought they have a right to vote in our elections (have representation in our government) just because they made it across the border in violation of our laws.


    1. Govenor DeSantis and the Florida legislature has voted to not allow sanctuary cities this state. So your comments do not apply in this case….Miami and Broward county are not sanctuary cities.

  37. Send them back to where they came from, or the West Coast liberal states, specially California.. They sure as hell deserve them

    1. I can hardly wait to hear Pelosi’s response if they’re dumped in California. She’s the one who says the Republicans are “immoral” for wanting to build the wall. Should be fun to watch.

    2. Legal residents are putting their kids in private schools whether they can afford it or not so they can learn at grade level. Public schools crammed with Spanish speaking kids.
      I live in California and 2.5 million illegals is enough. It’s the feckless Democrats not the rest of us who want to have a Mexican majority state.

  38. Florida Does Not Have Facilities. Or Money To Care Of Migrants- We Are Not A Sanctuary State. Florida Approves What President Trump Is Trying To Do “Build The Wall” The States Against Building The Wall Should Consider becoming totally For The Wall . Thank You Governor DeSantis & President Trump For Keeping Floridians Safe . God Bless

  39. Sanctuary cities should be cut off from all federal help.

    1. They should be. I thought they were against the law. Isn’t aiding and abetting illegals illegal? Why does this continue? I’m all for dumping every single illegal in California.

    2. Our President has tried. Some weenie federal district Court judge overrode him, just like many other small venue liberal judges have done to our presidents attempts to do what Congress should be doing. This needs to change, and fast! Why should a small time judicial appointee that nobody voted for be able to override the President of the United States? Insane!!

  40. There are plenty of Democratic States that are willing to accept these illegals by making their cities sanctuary cities. Send them there. Drop them off at the State Capital building and let them deal with them!!!

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