Make Lunches Great Again: Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama Era School Lunch Restrictions

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

School lunches are about to be made great again.

Early in the first term of former President Barack Obama, several restrictions were placed on school lunches that strongly regulated what schools could serve students. This change was due in large part to the work of former first lady Michelle Obama who championed health and fitness as one of her initiatives.

Although the goal of these Obama era restrictions was to increase the health of American students, many schools found the regulations to be burdensome and ineffective.

Now, the United States Department of Agriculture, under theTrump administration, is pushing those restrictions to the side.

Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women’s Forum explained to Fox News why these regulations needed to go.


“These reforms that went through in 2010, pushed by Michelle Obama, were well-intentioned, but in reality, kids were not eating the food and we saw that there was a major food-waste problem developing in some of these schools. Kids were taking their entire trays and throwing them in the garbage. One study said that 60 percent of vegetables, 40 percent of fruit was just being tossed. In one [Los Angeles] county, the school made an arrangement with a homeless shelter to give the food because they had so much left.”

Gunlock explained that these new reforms will give back “flexibility” to school cafeteria workers and allow them to choose what they feed the students, rather than a bureaucrat from Washington D.C.

Under the new pulled-back regulations, students will once again have access to school lunch classics like chocolate milk. Although students may be hyped to hear the news, some still have concerns about childhood obesity in America.

Gunlock explained that the current restrictions go far beyond junk food, placing bans on butter, salt, and meal staples like corn and flour tortillas.

“I understand that obesity is a problem, but kids not eating at school, at all, is also a problem,” explained Gunlock. “We need to give more control to the local folks. The people on the ground trying every day to make appealable food to serve these children.”

Gunlock also noted that childhood health decisions should be made by the parents, not government officials.

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Phyllis Softa

There is nothing to make USA a better country than return to feeding our children junk food?? I am 67 & recall being taught 8 food groups in 2nd grade & importance of including all in our daily diets.The 8 were revised to 4. Yes, there were students back in the 50’s & 60’s that still selected the sugary drink over milk & potato chips over veggies But those folks now find themselves with obesity, bone fx’s & osteoporosis. Encouraging repeating of mistakes is smart HOW?


If anyone ever visit the schools after lunch they would see wasted food. It was terrible. My grandchildren have begun buying lunch again. Every First Lady decides on a project…. this one was a major fail. Not enough common sense approach

Sam Dorman

This headline is making IJR great again.

John Gagliano Jr

I actually agree with this move.

Cecil Vermillion

As usual when the bureaucrats get involved the well intentions fly out the windows.

Nancy Spitzer

If they really want to make the kids healthy they should not be removing all the fat. They should be removing bad carbs and sugars. Ever notice the more fat they remove the fatter we get. Are bodies are starving for fat that our brains need. Everyone should study the Keto diet especially if you are a type 2 diabetic or need to lose a lot of weight. Dr. Fung is great.

Cindy Amberson

How about we start by putting physical education back into the curriculum I have kids in school, in elementary school they were luck to get 2-3 days a week and in junior high it is an elective. When I was in school it was a mandator 5 days a week through at least sophomore year


It’s true, the government doesn’t need to be in your kids lunch bag. It’s true lunches were not being eaten or tossed. Telling a single Mom, already struggling, that she can’t send a bag of chips to school because it’s a bad choice is dangerously close to communism. If a parent wants to let their child eat Oreos for lunch, that should be their right. Obese children are fighting many battles; genes, lack of exercise and meals served at home probably bigger than a treat at school lunch time.





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