Trump Administration Owes DC Government $7 Million for Inauguration: Washington Post

Evan Vucci/Reuters

The Trump administration and Congress still owe the District of Columbia government $7 million for expenses related to the 2017 presidential inauguration, the Washington Post reported on Friday, raising questions about who will foot the bill for the president’s planned July 4 speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Citing city and federal financial records, the Washington Post reported that the DC government has had to dip into a special fund dedicated to city security costs to protect against terrorist threats and for hosting large demonstrations, foreign dignitary visits and other non-routine events.

That fund is usually replenished with federal money, but the Post reported that it is on track to fall short of funds this fall.

Concerns surrounding who pays for the presidential security in the nation’s capital have grown in recent weeks as President Donald Trump looks to use the annual July 4th festivities on the National Mall, which draws tens of thousands of spectators, to make a speech.

The D.C. government normally assists the National Park Service with July 4 security, which would need to be bolstered because of the president’s presence as well as a possible influx of protestors.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office did not immediately respond for comment but her chief of staff John Falcicchio told the Washington Post “all that we ask of our federal partners is continued cooperation and the resources to carry out these activities.”

(Reporting by Valerie Volcovici, Editing by Franklin Paul)

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What about that niqqer? Did he have to pay too or are they catering to him? Keep kissing that niqqer’s ass and you’ll see him back stabbing you. How can Americans be so stupid and uninformed????


The liberals must stay up nights plotting another ridiculous issue for which to go after President Trump. What do all the other parades and protests pay for the garbage they leave behind and the police presence?

Karin Callaway

And we are to believe WAPO? Surely you jest.


Just more uncalled for harassment. Perhaps the absurd protests should be curtailed. What do they pay for clean up and security?

Dave Hardesty

Get over it Libs. DC is managed by the Federal Government and the Feds are chartered to protect the president. You are not a state and all your money comes through the Fed. But ice try.


Did the celebrities who visited the White House during the Obama years reimburse the fund for the extra security during their visit? I would rather spend the funds entertaining foreign dignitaries than some Hollywood clowns.


Obama owes millions more to the DC blood suckers.


Yet the DC *ahem* government does not mention the cost of cleaning up after Obozo, the Women’s March, etc. not a cent of which has been recouped.

While recovering costs is fair, singling out Trump alone is pure and petty partisanship, especially when there are other debtors LONG past due.

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