Trump Aide Drops Staggering Stat on Percentage of Fake Stories News Media Reports on White House

“Fake news” has created problems for Democrats and Republicans alike. President Trump has accused CNN of being “fake news,” while the left has blamed the loss of the election partially on false news.

Also, Trump has a tendency to go after publications like the New York Times for being what he calls “fake news.” So, just how accurate is the media when it comes to what happens in the White House?

Not very accurate, according to ex-Breitbart writer Sebastian Gorka, who serves as the Deputy Assistant to The President of the United States.

In an interview with The Hill, Gorka said:

“The media doesn’t listen. They haven’t drawn the adequate conclusions. I’d have to say maybe 80% of the reportage on the White House, just fallacious.

I come in early morning 7 o’clock, open the newspapers. And often I read stories that talk about events where I was in the room the day before, decisions being taken, policy questions.

And the story bears almost no resemblance to reality, sometimes 180-degrees out of whack.”

Gorka followed up by explaining that he still doesn’t think that a lot of the media understands when happened on November 8:

“They haven’t learned their lessons. If you looked at the approval ratings for the media, they’re appalling in general. We are like, what, 10% for the media?”

The deputy assistant then revealed that he hopes the media’s relationship with the president begins to improve, but that the “ball is in their court.”

What do you think?

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