Trump at Coast Guard Graduation: ‘No Politician in History…Has Been Treated Worse’ Than He Has

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump gave the commencement speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.

For most of the commencement, he stuck to giving a motivational speech to the graduates, but that changed with a few minutes left when Trump brought up the theme of not quitting in the face of unwarranted attacks.

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media,” he said. “No politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly. You can’t let them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. I guess that’s why I won — thank you — I guess that’s why we won.”

Trump then went back to speaking about how “adversity makes you stronger,” before listing off his accomplishments in the first four months of his presidency.

These were Trump’s first public comments since the Tuesday evening publication of the report claiming that he asked then-FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn during a one-on-one conversation on Valentine’s Day.

In a statement, the White House denied that the account of the conversation was accurate.

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