President Trump Attacks His Political Foes in an Interview Set Beside the Graves of American Heroes

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During his overseas trip, President Donald Trump wished the Irish Prime Minister good luck on the Emerald Isle’s nonexistent border wall, defended his position to kick transgender troops out of the military, and feuded with actress Bette Middler, and now he’s taking swipes at his critics on D-Day.

On Thursday, the president honored the American troops who served in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. To mark the occasion, he delivered an impressive speech that has been called “the strongest of his presidency.”

But on the night before that speech, he took the opportunity to attack his political adversaries during an interview set beside the graves of American heroes.

During the Fox News interview with host Laura Ingraham — who recently endured backlash for her defense of a white supremacist —Trump said former FBI Director and military veteran Robert Mueller “made such a fool out of himself” and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “is a disaster,” as IJR Red noted.

Watch below:

The idea of holding the interview with the Normandy Cemetery as a backdrop was widely criticized. Radio host Joe Walsh called the moment “a disgrace.”

MSNBC host Chris Hayes called it “so surreal, discordant but somehow perfectly fitting.”

And former Obama staffer and current “Pod Save America” host John Lovett pointed out bluntly that the Fox team used “American graves as a backdrop for their usual programming.”

Trump’s willingness to attack Americans beside the graves of dead war heroes wasn’t shared by all, though. Speaker of the House, who is also in Normandy for the 75th Anniversary ceremony, refused to criticize the president while she is out of the country in response.

In Normandy, Trump was joined by a large congressional delegation to honor the anniversary of the D-Day landing. Also with him was French President Emmanuel Macron — Vice President Mike Pence is marking the occasion at events in the United States.

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Patricia Trout

What better place to demean those trying to take away our freedom than at the grave site of those that gave their all to defend it!

Phyllis Softa

This WH uses rewards to get Trump to do the SANE presidential act. He read the speech someone other than Stephen Miller wrote, and they rewarded him with a FOX interview where he can say whatever he really thinks. They usually use campaign rallies when he signs an appropriation bill without his wall funding or some other action that does not jeopardize the nation’s economy or security. Apparently enough WH staffers have survived raising toddlers to know how to handle the emotional age of a toddler.

Alfred Hendrix
Alfred Hendrix

Does he really think that making an enemy out of Mueller is a good idea?

Ray Hendrix
Ray Hendrix

I cannot wait for the day he goes to jail like all his best friends!!





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